How To Sell Services On Social Networks

Social Networks

If you are among the beauty professionals who have Facebook and Instagram – congratulations, because these are  the two most important social networks you need for your presentation. Unless you were only on Facebook and silently ignored Instagram – that would be a great shame. So let’s assume that you are present on both mentioned social networks. Ideal if your Instagram and Facebook are at an excellent level.

What options are there online? Maybe it will help you increase awareness, gain new clients or increase sales. So let’s take a look at how to offer and sell your beauty services on social networks and make extra money.

Activity On Social Networks Is Essential

Like it or not, you should be active on Facebook and Instagram. Common questions are how often to add content and what should be the frequency of posts. It depends on how big your fan base is.

Let’s say you have 1000 followers, which is the average number of fans of a Facebook page in the field of beauty salons in Slovakia. Unfortunately, the Facebook algorithm tells you how many people will see your content organically, that is, without money/campaign support.

Straight up? It’s an atrociously low number. But, if your content is of high quality and people respond to it, you increase your chances of reaching it. On Instagram, your content will be seen by more people, even those who don’t follow you, mainly thanks to a hashtag strategy.

How To Sell Products On Social Networks?

Use the  “shop” tool on your Facebook page or Instagram shopping  on your Instagram account. You can easily sell through stories or posts.

Choose a specific product, perhaps one that your customers have praised and that you have in stock in the salon. Describe its features, state how many pieces you still have, and also state the price per product and shipping. You can use video or image as the format.

Offer Video Courses Online

If you don’t have a problem with filming yourself, this option of how to sell your services on social networks is exactly for you. You are a specialist in your field, so you can offer individual lessons where you can teach someone something new using your phone and your knowledge.

These can be work procedures for less experienced beauty professionals or high school students. Or theoretical basics as a preliminary preparation before a certified course.

For a video course, you can use the ZOOM tool, for example, where you can have several participants at the same time. Or simply via Messenger. Don’t forget to ask for a deposit for the video course in advance by transferring it to your account.

Consult With Clients Online

You are a professional who knows best how to take care of your hair, nails and skin.  Advise your clients. Alternatively, recommend one of your products to them, e.g. face mask, regenerating or protective oils.

If you are a manicurist, you can also give advice on how to take care of ingrown nails. If you know of a “home recipe”, you can share that too.

Individual Online Sales

If one of your clients contacts you that she needs your product, but cannot come in person (ideally, you are the first to notice that she was last with you 2-3 months ago and you offer her your products), you can prepare the exact procedure on paper, including the products in the package, and send directly by post. Example: Mobile hairdressing can work if it is, for example, a simple application of color to the entire hair. Here, your clients need a ready-made precise mix of colors + a precise procedure for mixing the color and applying it to the hair. Alternatively, you can be on the phone or on a video chat via WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and use it as a space for communication with the client.

It would be more time-consuming, but effective, if you did research in your diary. If you record what and when the client bought from you , it will be easy to find out if she needs to replenish the stock. Subsequently, you can contact her with a proposal to replenish the stock of your product . The client will feel that you are a caring professional who cares about each and every client.

Offer Gift Coupons

A gift voucher is a great way to guarantee future orders.

If you have not yet created a general gift coupon, first of all think about the service and the price of the coupon. Then create it, for example, on the website , where you can directly choose the “gift card” format. You can also choose from a number of nice graphic visuals. The tool is free. After that, all that remains is to print the coupons at home (a printer is needed) and then, as soon as the money arrives in your account, send it to the recipient by post.

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