This Is YouTube’s New Ad Strategy, And You’re Probably Not Going To Like It At All.

YouTube's New Ad Strategy

Advertising is the main source of income for apps and internet platforms

The scam that goes viral on networks: “I have lost 11,000 euros by ‘liking’ YouTube videos.”

The vast majority of apps, websites, and internet services are free when it comes to access by users, and “the price to pay” in addition to our data is to see advertising while we browse the web through videos, posters, cuts in playback, and other variants.

The problem is that this trend is growing; that is, there are more and more ads wherever we look on the internet. Behind every click, new tab, or login, users have to go through this obnoxious procedure.

One of the platforms that has succumbed to this trend in recent years and includes more ads with each passing year is YouTube. The video app owned by Google introduced advertising at the beginning of content playback, so in order to watch a full video, you had to watch an ad lasting several seconds.

Then they decided that one ad was not enough, and that is why now, before watching a video, we generally see two different ads before the video we want to see. And, as it seemed to them that there was still room, YouTube also included advertising in the middle of playing the video or those that are longer, so while they are watching, an advertising break can be skipped.

Now, according to Google executive Philipp Schindler in Alphabet’s latest results presentation, the company would be testing new ways to include advertising, specifically, now in many YouTube accounts when you pause a video, advertising begins to play.

“In the first quarter, we had strong traction with the introduction of a pilot of pause ads on connected TVs, a new non-interruptive ad format that appears when users pause their organic content,” Schindler explained.

Logically, this is a way for YouTube to obtain more money from advertisers. It is striking that they are willing to pay to advertise when the user pauses the video because the user only stops the content when he has to. Pay attention to the video for whatever reason.

This means that this ad would appear when they are supposedly not looking, which apparently doesn’t make much sense. Another aspect that draws attention, and that makes this change more annoying to users, is that if an ad starts playing because you have paused the video, if you return before it ends, you will have to watch the advertising until the end. Final.

Google has announced that the measure has been a success in the regions where they tested it, so everything seems to indicate that sooner rather than later, this change will reach all YouTube accounts.

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