4 Digital Tools To Help Make Your Weight Management Journey Successful And Stress-Free

Weight Management

As cases of overweight and obesity increase worldwide, weight loss and management are crucial to preventing chronic diseases and maintaining overall health. However, the journey can sometimes be stressful and challenging. For instance, a study published in the journal Obesities notes that among participants who had tried to manage their weight, only 72% were successful in at least one of their weight loss attempts. The rest of the participants reported a number of barriers throughout their journey, including unsustainable weight loss plans, demotivation, and unaffordability.

While you may face the same challenges when trying to reduce your weight, you can fortunately rely on technology to address such barriers and ensure your weight goals remain healthy, realistic, and sustainable. Below, we highlight apps and digital tools you can consider incorporating into your weight management journey.

WeightWatchers For Personalized Plans

Most traditional weight loss plans follow a one-size-fits-all approach, making them ineffective and sustainable for addressing an individual’s specific weight and health goals. In contrast, WeightWatchers’ weight loss programs acknowledge that weight can be personal and thus deserves equally personalized solutions.

When you subscribe for a membership, the WeightWatchers app asks you some quick questions about your eating habits and lifestyle preferences in order to come up with a tailored meal plan that works for you and your goals. Moreover, the app follows a flexible Points system that helps you make more nutritious choices and find the right portion sizes without having to deprive yourself of your favorite foods — ultimately making a healthy diet achievable and long-lasting.

SunnyFit For At-Home Workouts

Besides a personalized nutritional plan, regular physical activity is another effective way to shed excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Luckily, even if you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, you can adopt a fitness routine through the SunnyFit app.

Specifically, SunnyFit revolutionizes physical wellness by offering a wide range of at-home workouts, all free and accessible via its mobile app. Its diverse, on-demand video library contains 1,300+ workout course videos on 16+ workout types, which you can practice and incorporate into your daily routine regardless of your fitness level and the equipment you own. The training content is also created and taught by a team of fitness experts, ensuring high-quality workouts fit for your weight and overall health goals.

Headspace For Stress Management

Since chronic stress can increase your appetite and slow down your metabolism, it can significantly hinder your weight management efforts if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are lots of stress management approaches you can easily adopt, including mindfulness and meditation.

The mobile app Headspace can be a digital companion during your weight loss journey by providing an array of guided meditation sessions and breathing exercises. With free trials and affordable payment plans, you can even access advanced video tutorials to target more specific stressors in your health status and daily life, whether it’s the loss of motivation or lack of progress and accountability.

Alexa As A Digital Assistant

Lastly, Amazon’s Alexa can serve as a virtual assistant that guides and assists you throughout your weight management journey. Instead of hiring a personal coach or trainer, you can use Alexa to receive reminders about your diet and exercise, track and time your workout progress, and even play relaxing music in the background for more effective stress management.

As explained in a previous post, this voice-controlled digital assistant can even be set up on wearable devices like the Apple Watch for 24/7 health and wellness support.

As you work on integrating these digital tools into your weight management plan, remember to also consult with a health professional for more specific tips and strategies on achieving and sustaining progress. For more insightful articles on all things tech, continue reading Tech Trends Daily.

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