Personalize Notifications In WhatsApp

Notifications in WhatsApp

As a rule, a lot of messages arrive on WhatsApp during the day. Nothing special, but you have to look at the mobile phone display or switch it on to recognize the sender. This doesn’t take much time, of course, but it can be annoying in some situations. For example, when the smartphone is not nearby. To make things easier, notifications can be personalized in WhatsApp. This applies in particular to the definition of individual tones for individual chats. This means that you already know from the tone who has just sent you a message. This is also useful if you expect a message from a specific contact.

This Sets An Individual Tone For Each Chat

  • To give an individual WhatsApp contact its own sound, WhatsApp is first opened and then the corresponding chat.
  • Then it continues with a tip on the contact name (above).
  • Android users must now tap on “Notifications” and activate the item “My notifications”. On an iPhone, on the other hand, tap “Backgrounds & Sounds” to see the “Notification Tone” button.
  • After selecting a new tone, that’s it, an individual tone for a single chat was set.

Change The General WhatsApp Tone

If you change the sound for the notifications in the phone’s Settings app, WhatsApp is usually not included. Instead, the following procedure is required:

  • Start WhatsApp and open the settings. On Android they are at the top right behind the three dots, on iOS they are directly below in the bar (on the right).
  • Now go to “Notifications” on Android and “Notifications” on iOS.
  • Done, the general notification sound (only “sound” on iOS) can now be changed.

Under Android There Are Even More Setting Options

Although an individual tone for individual contacts helps a lot in assigning the sender, you can set even more on an Android smartphone. More precisely, it is about the vibration pattern and the light. You may have seen it in the tutorials above, as the options are also housed in the Notifications window. You just have to look below “Notification sound”.

The good news here is that you can adjust the vibration and the sound both in general and for individual chats. The procedure is identical to the one above, so you can adopt the steps one-to-one.

Definitely Try It

The possibility of individual tones in WhatsApp is certainly not revolutionary, but the added value is still enormous in some cases. You know immediately whether the message is important or not. You don’t have to look at the display to know the sender. In addition, with Android, the vibration pattern and the light can also be individually adjusted. In the best case, it also leads to better battery life, since the screen has to be switched on less.

Of course, it is up to each user whether they want to personalize the tones for individual chats or not. The use of the messenger also plays a major role. But you should definitely try it out, because maybe the benefit doesn’t seem big enough at first glance and it turns out differently in the end.

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