10 iPhone Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

iPhone Shortcuts

We live a frenetic day to day and, as if that were not enough, glued to our mobile. If you are an iPhone user, you cannot miss one of its best secret tools: shortcuts .

These automations allow us to do almost everything on our mobile in a fast and comfortable way (and without programming knowledge!). With the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 15, you can install these shortcuts from third parties without too much hassle, but it’s also possible to create them yourself for further customization. Sounds good, right?

We have already shown you how useful they are, for example, being able to show your COVID passport from Siri , so this time from Lowi we share the 10 best shortcuts so you can get the most out of your iPhone.

Top 10 iPhone Shortcuts (And Very Useful)

1. Open A Spotify Playlist

If you can’t conceive of life without music, you’ll love this shortcut. You can create a shortcut that will direct you to your favorite Spotify playlist automatically. Lets the music sound!

2. Custom Battery Saving Mode

With this shortcut you can give your battery long life. It allows you to choose the percentage at which the saving mode is activated (so that it is not only from 20%) and even activate a second saving mode that reduces the brightness and disables some functions of your iPhone that consume a lot of energy. 

3. Create Your Own Wallpaper

With the “Wallcreator” shortcut you can create a random wallpaper or choose the colors. In this way, we will be able to change our wallpaper quickly without having to download potentially dangerous apps or waste time searching for the perfect image on the web. And it is that having the wallpaper to your liking has never been so easy. 

4. Share WiFi Using A QR

Say goodbye to dictating the name and password of your WiFi network with this shortcut. In a matter of seconds you can create a QR code for your WiFi network that can be used by Android and Apple users. Scanning the QR will take them directly to your WiFi network so they can join directly. 

5. Find Nearby Gas Stations

This shortcut is your ally if you are a frequent driver. Thanks to it, you will be able to locate the nearest gas stations and fill your tank quickly. 

6. Create PDF Documents Fast

If you are a student or work in an office, this shortcut is the salvation you need. It allows you to convert your files into a document in PDF format without the need for external converters. Also, store your documents in PDF format in a special folder on your iPhone.

7. Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is the king of platforms to watch and listen to videos on different topics. With this shortcut you can download YouTube videos instantly and without complications.

8. Delete Duplicate Photos

If you are one of those who loves to use the phone as a portable photo album, this is your shortcut. With it you can delete those duplicate photos, in case we have downloaded the same file twice. Say goodbye to those files that take up memory unnecessarily without losing your important photos. 

9. Create Photo Collages Easily

Speaking of photos… What better than a collage to gather all the good times in a single file? With this shortcut you simply have to select your favorite photos and answer if you want to combine them in a grid, vertically or horizontally. And without extra applications!

10. The Cinema Billboard In The Palm Of Your Hand

All movie buffs are in luck, since this iPhone shortcut allows you to find out the listings and schedules of the closest cinemas to your location with a single click.

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