iPhone 13 Display Replacement: Apple Has Made Significant Improvements

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 stands out from its predecessor in a few ways, but the repair criticism has remained. That said, the 2021 generation is also difficult to repair. Of course, this realization has not exactly sparked the joy of users and repair shops, but one point is particularly upsetting.

Apple has “married” the display to the rest. It is to be understood as follows: If the screen is swapped, Face ID no longer works. Of course, it refers to alternative service providers, and apple itself or official partners do not have this restriction. Nevertheless, the annoyance is excellent because both the users themselves and independent repair shops look through the fingers in this case.

Now you seem to notice the excitement in Cupertino and act. And in a positive sense because the bond is broken. This means that independent repair shops can also replace the display of the iPhone 13 without problems and restrictions.

The Backstory

If the screen on the iPhone 13 is broken and you change it yourself, Face ID will no longer work afterward. This limitation is enormous and should lead users to carry out the repairs by Apple or an official partner.

This “punishment” is technically implemented utilizing a microchip connected to the screen. This is programmed so that it works exclusively with the original panel to the full extent. If another is used, this is transmitted to the microchip. This also gives this information to Face ID, which then refuses to work.

That Would Have Solved The Problem

If Apple hadn’t backed down, two theoretical solutions would have been possible. The first option relates to re-soldering the chip. However, on closer inspection, it would have been a hazardous process because both the microchip itself and the connection points are tiny. For any repair service providers, this risk would have been too significant so that the majority would have refused this repair.

The second variant involves reprogramming the chip. This procedure is much easier and safer, but only Apple and its partners can access the necessary program. It is therefore not a practical option for alternative service providers.

The Date For The Corresponding Software Update Is Still Uncertain

As mentioned, the US company understands and will break the link between the microchip and the original panel. There is even more good news because this step does not require visiting a store or doing anything else with the hardware. Instead, Apple can solve the whole thing with a software update so that users have to import it.

Unfortunately, there is no date for it so far, so you should take special care of your iPhone 13 up to this point. If the display breaks before the update, you have to have the screen exchanged for a lot of money at Apple itself or an official partner. A free repair service provider will be difficult or impossible to find, especially after this announcement. Bulletproof glass and cover say hello.

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