PS5: This Is How You Recognize The Model With The New Fan


The new PS5 is not readily available everywhere, and Sony is already delivering a new model. This has only received minimal changes but has integrated a better fan, among other things. How to recognize the new PS5 with a better lover, you can find out here. A note at the beginning: Unfortunately, you can only check this after purchase. And that shouldn’t bother you either—more on this below.

Sony has improved both the digital version of the Playstation 5 and the standard edition with a few subtleties: A smaller fan is supposed to reduce the console’s volume when it is fully operational – only by a few decibels, but still audible. Another power supply unit is also installed, which, together with the new fan, enables a console that is 300 grams lighter.

And to round off the minimal improvements, Sony has given owners of the new model a revised screw in the base of the console that can be removed without a screwdriver. This makes it easier for you to attach the stand to the device.

Playstation 5: Differentiate Between Model Numbers

If you want to know which model you own, there are a few pointers. But first of all, a disappointment: You can usually only find out if you have already got the PS5 (you can buy it here if you are lucky). Most dealers do not state the revision. And when it comes to weight, many online shops only tell you how much the complete package with power supply unit, controller and co. Weighs.

Speaking of weight: As already mentioned, the new PS5 model is 300 grams lighter. If in doubt, you can use a scale to find out which model you have. Here comes the data:

  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: approx. 3.6 kg (old version: 3.9 kg)
  • PlayStation 5 Disc Edition: approx. 4.2 kg (old version: 4.5 kg)

On the other hand, you will drive more safely if you check the model number of your device. You can find this on the underside of the console (if it is mounted upright). The model number (not to be confused with the serial number) for the first batch of the digital version of the PS5 looks like this: CFI-1000B. The part after the “CFI-100X” can vary, but the number always ends with an “A” or “B.”

The newer model should be identified by the last digits, as the model numbers here are CFI-1000B01. According to Press Start, this can also differ: The new batches in Australia, on the other hand, are named CFI-1102A. Doesn’t that help you either? Check the screw in the stand – can it be loosened without tools?

New PS5 Fan: Advantage Or Disadvantage?

At first, there was some discussion around the new PS5 model (here we have tips for buying it): YouTuber Austin Evans took on the redesigned console and checked how hot it gets. The latest PS5 was even more desirable than the first model – which made him quite embarrassed.

Because this statement is not valid, as Gamers Nexus and Digital Foundry found out in extensive tests. The increased temperature measured by Evans relates only to the exhaust air but not to the temperature development of the processor. If anything, the new model is slightly better. Overall, however, the differences are marginal.

As you can see, the difference between the old and the newer model is so slight that you have to unscrew your Playstation 5 to be sure which version you have. So it shouldn’t be too dramatic if it’s the older model. A few decibels quieter and with a more astounding screw – Sony can deliver more with a possible slim model in the future.

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