Connect Your Smartphone To The Car

The cell phone or smartphone is the multi-tool in everyday life! This is no longer uncommon in cars with navigation, an interface to the hands-free system, or the entertainment system! You can find out how to connect your smartphone to your car and which interfaces and connection options are available here:

Connect Your Mobile Phone To The Car. That’s How It Works!

Of course, there is the motto: hands off your mobile phone! Because when you’re driving, you can’t even pick up your smartphone, let alone touch it (actually !!). There is too high a risk of accidents due to the distraction. That’s why you should set everything you want to use on your mobile phone for your car trip before you start. Connect your mobile phone to your car, and you can comfortably use the functions while driving because you don’t have to intervene. You can also face a fine and points in Flensburg if you use it.

Connect Your Smartphone To The Car: You Should Keep This In Mind!

As mentioned above, the ideal case is that you shouldn’t touch your mobile phone during the entire drive. That is why some smartphones and car manufacturers have grappled with the problem and found solutions on how to be smart on the road. 

Smart functions include:

  • Use navigation apps (e.g., Google Maps)
  • Play music or audiobooks (e.g., streaming providers )
  • The hands-free kit for incoming calls and messages

Car Holder With Suitable Power Supply

So that your cell phone does not slip even when cornering and you do not have to pick up your cell phone, many car manufacturers now offer a suitable smartphone holder with the appropriate interface (connection) in their vehicles.

This also applies to the inductively charging brackets or storage surfaces that hold the smartphone securely and charge it wirelessly via induction. For this to work, you, of course, need an induction-capable smartphone.

For older vehicles, you need a suitable smartphone holder, which very few vehicles had at the time. You can, of course, retrofit these. When fastening, for example, on the windshield, make sure that you place it as best as possible not to obscure your view when driving. It is recommended here in the middle or left in the corner of the windshield. When supplying power to your smartphone, make sure that the USB cable does not bother you while driving and that it is not too tight. Using a suitable adapter, you can easily connect the USB cable to the cigarette lighter or the car’s 12-volt socket. 

An Older Car Without Bluetooth And a USB Connection? Use An FM Transmitter, AUX Cable, Or Bluetooth Adapter!

Many older cars do not have Bluetooth and, therefore, cannot communicate with your smartphone. The detour via a so-called FM transmitter, an AUX cable, or a Bluetooth adapter works well here.

Connect your cell phone with an adapter. What can be played back in your car radio via the external source with an AUX cable, and the Bluetooth adapter works differently via the transmitter. Because the transmitter transmits the music via a radio signal from the mobile phone to your car radio, set the car radio to the transmitter’s frequency. You can comfortably play the music or the navigation announcements from your smartphone.

Connect Your Smartphone To Your Car Via Bluetooth

The most common way to connect your smartphone to the car is nowadays Bluetooth. Even if many newer cars have now integrated a USB port, the easiest way is via wireless. Cars and smartphones alike bring the right technology with them. 

Activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone. Your mobile phone will then automatically search for available Bluetooth devices. Then you select your car, confirm it briefly (mainly by reading out a PIN), and you’re ready to go.


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