Printing From Your Mobile Phone: It’s That Easy


Quickly download a document on your mobile phone, and then? Usually, printing from a cell phone fails relatively quickly. The printer does not connect to the smartphone, and some other error is called. In this blog post, we will show you how you can easily connect your mobile phone to the printer:

Connect The Mobile Phone To The Printer

There are many printers that you can easily connect to your smartphone. The only requirement: the printer must be WiFi-enabled. Only then can it receive wireless print jobs over the network.

To enable you to print from your mobile phone, you have to set up your printer on a computer in advance. The setup differs depending on the model. Normally you will receive instructions for the printer, or you will be referred to an online advisor who will guide you through the setup. Often computers or laptops automatically recognize the printer in the WiFi network.

The mobile phone can be connected to the printer as soon as your printer is connected to the WLAN and set up. If you use an Android smartphone, you need a suitable plug-in. Print management is already pre-installed in an iPhone with AirPrint.

Printing From Cell Phone

Printing from the mobile phone works with both Android smartphones and iOS devices. Here we will show you step-by-step how exactly it works.

Connect The Android Phone To The Printer

No manufacturer-independent print version is integrated with the Android operating system. To enable printing from the mobile phone, you have to install a plug-in. You can get this from the Google Play Store.

Connect Android Phone To The Printer – Proceed As Follows:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap Connections> More Connection Settings
  • Under “Printer,” select the option “Download plug-in.”
  • Your mobile phone will now open the Google Play Store, which will show you all the available plug-ins
  • Search here for the brand of your printer and install the plug-in

If you now want to print out a document, open the desired document and tap on print options.

Connect iOS Mobile Phone To The Printer

If you want to print from your mobile phone and have an iPhone, it is usually sufficient that the printer and smartphone are on the same WiFi network. Now do the following:

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Open the file on your iPhone that you want to print
  • Tap the “Share” icon> “Print”
  • A window will open in which your smartphone is displayed next to “Printer.” If this is not the case, tap on “Select printer” and select the correct device.
  • Now you can specify the number of copies and make other settings.
  • Then tap on “Print.”

Note: If your iPhone does not recognize your printer, it may be that the printer does not support AirPrint. You can find out which printers are compatible with AirPrint from Apple Support.


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