Social Integration

The figure of the social integrator has been reinforced, and its authority has increased over time. More and more groups need professionals to help them with their specific difficulties in the social spheres and in relation to the environment.

What Is A Social Integrator?

The social integration technician is the professional in charge of intervening in social groups to prevent and solve any case of exclusion.

For this reason, it must be a person with extensive knowledge of social groups and the appropriate intervention techniques in each case.

Social integrators must be patient and responsible people. When working, they must be organized, flexible, persevering, decisive and practical to solve all the setbacks that arise.

Communication and social skills are also essential when working with these groups, and empathy to put yourself in the other’s place and understand them better.

Social integrators are people with a vocation in caring for, serving and caring for people and groups. These professionals work in companies that carry out educational actions with sectors in social difficulty and the socio-cultural and community services industry, carrying out educational activities with personal care and health care with older people or with physical, mental or mental disabilities, among many others. Other groups.

What Does A Social Integration Technician Do?

The social integration technician is in charge of carrying out specialized and specific interventions. This professional carries out activities such as training or advice through group or individual talks and workshops, among other things.

The most apparent function of the social integrator is direct intervention with people in a situation of exclusion or social risk; to this end, they program, organize, implement and evaluate said interventions.

The social integrator must apply particular techniques and strategies, considering the group’s needs with which they will work. In addition, it must promote equal opportunities and ensure safe environments for recipients.

Social integration technicians are responsible for training the communication skills of groups through the alternative systems they have and motivating people to use them.

They must carry out mediation tasks between people and groups, applying the correct participatory and conflict management techniques in each case.

The social integrator is responsible for organizing, implementing and evaluating job and occupational integration programs and training the skills of the groups on issues of personal and social autonomy, gender violence, etc.

What Is Social Integration Responsible For?

Social integration is responsible for carrying out processes by which newcomers to an environment or minorities can join society.

Social integration works with people who have difficulties integrating or who are in processes of marginalization so that they can participate in the social well-being of a particular environment.

The interventions carried out in social integration seek to provide these groups with a better alternative and prevent their marginalization in society.

In most cases, education is used as a mechanism for social promotion.

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