Not Only Sales: What To Post On The Social Networks Of An Online Store

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You have probably heard the magic formula “30% selling, 20% entertaining, 50% informational content”. Everything is correct but too exaggerated. We must remember that content should solve specific business problems. Therefore, maintaining a page on Instagram according to the principle “to have it” or “everyone has it, we also need it” is fundamentally wrong.

When developing a content strategy for clients’ social networks, we describe in detail why and what result we will get (and this is not only about KPIs). It’s sometimes just sales.

What Can Be Done With Content?

Build A Reputation

This includes collecting and developing feedback, a story about the social life and achievements of the company and employees, a demonstration of expertise, cases, and reviews. You can post industry news to show that you follow trends. Give useful infographics and talk about your work experience.

Identify The Needs Of The Target Audience

Polls and quizzes in Instagram stories are great, although there are other ways to find out your audience’s opinion on any issue. You can keep in touch with your subscribers and customers in real-time. By identifying needs, it is easier to generate demand. We recommend using open-ended questions more often (which imply detailed answers and not yes/no). This works if you have a live, active audience. How to motivate people to enter into a dialogue? Reply to all comments, prepare an interesting visual, and use relevant, newsworthy events relevant to your business area.

Remove Objections

To ask a question, the client must be very interested: most often, if he does not like something, he will leave. In social networks, you work on this too: justify the price, which may seem too high, give a step-by-step guide to action or a manual for using the product, and share reviews from other buyers. Product reviews and unpacking videos also remove objections and build loyalty.

Form A Community

The community around the brand is people who share the views and values ​​of the company and, most importantly, the most loyal customers. To create a community, your product or service must be part of or embody a lifestyle your target audience adheres to.

Find New Buyers

The most obvious point, but without it, nowhere. Targeted advertising and retargeting are practical and inexpensive tools to attract users to your online store.


All content sells, but direct sales are:

Posts with features and product prices. We remind you: stop using “sent the price to Direct”; you are losing customers. Does your social media manager claim that this is how you estimate demand? Okay, write at the end of the post, “Want to know the cost? Put + in the comments!”. Wait a couple of hours and write the price in the comments to everyone interested.

Post with a discount or promotion. Add a time limit: “15% off until the end of the week only” is an old marketing gimmick that still works.

Post with motivation to order. The message can be emotional or rational. In the first case, we appeal to feelings; in the second, we appeal with numbers, facts and benefits for the client.

Increase Loyalty

By showing the inner life of the company and communicating honestly and openly with subscribers, you become closer. Social media is a great way to convert cold and warm audiences into hot audiences. Arrange contests, share stories, and show off your achievements.

Decide which goals are most important to you, don’t just focus on sales. Include in the content strategy what tools you will use to achieve your goal, what you will offer subscribers, and how you will interact with them. If you feel that you cannot cope on your own and maintaining social networks for your business requires a serious, analytical approach – write to us.

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