What Is Up-Selling And Why Is It Important For Your Business?


Another term in English, up-selling, and of course also, comes from the discipline of marketing and you are interested in knowing it if you do not know it yet and applying it to your online (and physical) business.

If you do not apply it in your store, they have probably applied it with you in an online purchase. Does it sound familiar to you that you are in the process of buying a plane ticket, or reserving a hotel room and that they offer you something better than what you were buying ? Choosing a seat in the case of the flight, or checking in one more suitcase, accessing a better room in the reservation or full board, obviously paying a little more than the initial price.

What Is Upselling?

That ‘s what up-selling is about, offering a product or service that is superior to the initial one during the purchase process, is something simple and delicate at the same time.

The theory is logical, give a better option to the customer, but it must be done at the right time for the buyer to accept it. It is easy to generate rejection by the offer, so choose carefully when to offer this upgrade, it should be at the time of purchase, when you are close to finishing it.

What Is The Difference Between Up-Selling And Cross-Selling?

We make a small paragraph, there is another marketing technique similar to up-selling, cross -selling , this technique is the one that is applied to offer related products in an e-commerce, or in that email that they send you weeks later in which they recommend you a product related to another that you bought days ago.

Imagine that you have an ecommerce for small household appliances, someone is buying a normal toaster, and when they go to the shopping cart to finish the purchase, it suggests that they buy the XL toaster, not the normal one, which also has the option of defrosting and reheating bread. Being the same product, you are offered a more complete option , that is up-selling. At that moment, that person who is buying has to decide if they continue with their purchase or if they get a better device for a little more.

3 Key Points For Up-Selling To Succeed

  • The moment, offer it at the right moment, as we said before. Never before the original sale is secured nor too late with respect to it.
  • The way, do it kindly , even if it is presented as an ephemeral offer with an expiration date, not be aggressive so that the person feels that he chooses and thus does not negatively influence the user experience .
  • The way, that the process is simple. In the case of an online purchase that does not mean going back, start the purchase again, delete the previous product,… make it easy.

Who To Direct The Up-Selling To

This sales technique can be applied to customers who already have a relationship with the brand, who are already loyal. Technology is a great ally to determine when it is time to offer up-selling, the sales history, a CRM will show the type of relationship that customer has to know if it is time or not to offer them options for their purchase choice. .

It is one more technique to increase your online sales , among the many that exist. We recommend that you apply it if your type of products allows it. Many customers will thank you and others will continue with their normal purchase, you have little to lose.

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