Proactivity In The Company To Achieve Success


If your objective is to improve collective performance, internal communication and the achievement of objectives, the solution to this is to implement strategies based on proactivity. Which have many more benefits than in the long term, if executed correctly, they can be a habit that will lead the company to success.

What Is Proactivity?

Proactivity is an attitude in which a person actively assumes full control of their behaviour. It means taking the initiative, anticipating events, being responsible for what happens and deciding at all times.

A proactive person is capable of reacting to any circumstance and being part of the solution, not the problem, that is the meaning of proactive. Although this can not be related to acting quickly , nor in a disorganized way, it is much more than just being carried away by impulses.

What Is Proactive?

A proactive individual doesn’t complain if things don’t go as expected at work. On the contrary, he works to achieve the objectives and generates constructive changes in the organization.

How To Recognize Proactive People In The Company?

  • They have creativity.
  • They turn ideas into actions.
  • They act, they don’t wait to see what happens.
  • They look for new opportunities.
  • They create positive change.
  • They anticipate, prevent and solve problems.
  • They act differently depending on how they should .
  • They are results oriented.
  • They have the quality of being persevering , they don’t give up.
  • They are flexible.
  • Responsible for their actions.
  • They are free of their own conduct.
  • They are positive.
  • They are not limited to following orders or carrying out their functions without further ado.

What Is a Proactive Leader?

A proactive leader is a person with initiative, positivism, empathy, the ability to motivate, communicate, firmness, assertiveness, cordiality and education, capacity for innovation and creativity, vision of the future, responsibility for their actions and other positive qualities. In addition, he is a person who works to do things ethically and can be an example or support for the work team. He does not compete, he collaborates with others to achieve business objectives.

How Can The Company Encourage The Proactivity Of Its Employees?

  • By integrating them into business goals and objectives.
  • Being receptive to your ideas and suggestions for improvement.
  • Leaving some freedom of action to their workers.
  • Encouraging to leave the fears of being wrong.
  • Creating creative spaces.
  • Favouring business communication.

Many studies affirm that proactive behaviour at work has positive and beneficial consequences for both workers and the company. That is why proactivity is, today, an essential tool for companies to survive and grow in a changing environment like the one we are in.

A person who is aware of his life, defines goals and fights to achieve them by making decisions instead of being carried away by circumstances, is usually a proactive person. This is an aspect that can stand out in the world of work, in your personal life, or in both settings.

Investment In Intellectual Capital

Similarly, another important strategy and investment is the investment in intellectual capital. It is an investment that consists of favouring the individual development of the professional profiles of all the members of the organization. In this way, the company will be made up of trained personnel, giving it greater capacity to adapt to changing times and assume any adversity with fresh ideas.

In addition, it contributes to the success in the implementation of control measures of future scenarios, the evaluation of the changes that are desired to be made to improve productivity, or any other factor that alters the good rhythm of a company; depending to a great extent on the ability of the organization to have the best employee-employer relationship.

What Should The Company Look For To Increase Performance And Efficiency?

In order for the company to achieve its objectives, in the first place it must accurately project what its objectives are and the goals to be achieved, it is best to determine in real conditions all the efforts of the organization with the development of a robust strategic planning of the entity productive.

In the strategic planning of a proactive company, the greatest number of possible scenarios of problems, threats and adversities that may affect the correct development of the organization should be considered; the correct thing is to measure the impact of each strategy and each action.

In a dynamic way, the company must analyse the threats and opportunities that arise, each strength of the proactive company is considered as a tool for attention to the possible weaknesses that derive from the productive process of the same, and therefore of the integral operation of the company. entity.

In short, to achieve all the elements involved in business proactivity, the participation of all employees and managers of the organization is necessary. Those who must work together in order to increase efforts and achievements, being the ultimate goal that every proactive company seeks to achieve progressively.

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