From more than 40 years ago to the present, the world has experienced great changes in the socio-economic sphere and in the work environment. With the arrival of new technologies, big data and the influence of millennials, the labor market has undergone a great transformation, creating and transforming jobs.

In addition, employees are no longer limited to looking for a job that allows them to live. Now a better balance between professional and family life is sought , but more independence is also demanded from them.

All this has been increased recently with the arrival of the Z generation, whose professionals were born under the protection of new technologies. These profiles prefer to perform digital jobs that allow them to develop their talent and creative abilities. They do not seek to work out of necessity, but out of passion and true vocation.

What Will Work Be Like In The Future?

The consulting firm PwC assures in its report Working in 2033 that the concept that a life is equal to a job and in a single company is already changing and will do so even more. In fact, there are studies that estimate between seven and 10.5 the average number of jobs that we could have during our working life.

Automation, artificial intelligence and the appearance of robots are giving their first brushstrokes in the sectors that make up the country’s labor scene, intervening in their productivity, time and cost. Technology is going to influence both our work environment and our daily lives, although it is expected to bring with it many benefits.

Most of the jobs that will boost the economy in 2030 do not exist today and will be occupied by 65% ​​of minors who are currently in primary school, according to a study by the European University of Madrid.

The specialists declare that it is time to continue training and open up to other ways of learning , as is the case with transversal training. Barcelona, ​​Salamanca, Madrid and Granada will be the provinces that will offer the most job opportunities in Spain in the future.

How To Prepare Ourselves And Them For The Employment Of The Future?

Employees will have to face a highly competitive market by implementing new guidelines and behaviors in their work functions. In addition, they will need extensive preparation and follow a series of procedures:

  • Understand the need for adaptation: It is essential to understand the reasons why new skills must be developed. Reflect on the professional success that you want to achieve and the methods that exist to achieve it, learning being one of them.
  • Stand out in highly competitive sectors: choose innovative companies that are committed to commitment and their essential values. In the same way, it is necessary to demonstrate talent in order to develop a professional career in the company in the long term.
  • Strengthen networking: it is necessary to develop communication skills and professional relationships in order to generate a network of contacts and be able to grow in the workplace. The use of the assertive style will be the most successful choice when establishing this type of communication.

Be constant and avoid fear of change: being up to date and acting effectively will become one of the main obligations. These transformations should also be considered as opportunities for improvement.

Jobs Of The Future In 2030

The new professions that will emerge by the year 2030 have technological means of great technological complexity that currently do not exist. Therefore, these positions will require comprehensive and specific preparation by their experts. These are some of the most demanded profiles that are expected:

  • Traffic controller with drones : more and more companies are implementing these technological tools to facilitate the execution of certain activities. Helicopters for road traffic control, for example, will be replaced by drones to ensure road safety, according to the high-tech company Embention.
  • 3D Printing Designers in Fashion – Currently many companies are using 3D printing in their activities. In the textile sector it will have a greater impact by 2030, since this technology will offer surprising results when it comes to speeding up production time in really credible prototypes.
  • Trucking Analyst – The trucking industry is evolving rapidly. The public transport vehicles of the future will not be manned by drivers, but by technological systems insured, organized and controlled by these professionals.
  • Data contextualists : Due to the amount of data found on the internet and the evolution of Big Data, qualified specialists will be needed for the administration and interpretation of information.
  • Water harvesters : the mission of these professionals will be to maintain the water supply for irrigation and its consumption with the help of high technology. In times of drought they will be able to supply people and crops through the humidity that is extracted from the atmosphere.
  • Specialists for the creation of avatars : These tools will be incorporated into most sectors due to the possibility of working from anywhere in the world and having better experiences in collaborative environments. These creators must use the most innovative technology to adapt the identity of the employees in the most reliable way possible.
  • Therapists and surgeons for memory enhancement : these professional profiles would use one of the technologies with the highest success rate to combat Alzheimer’s. To do this, they will use small electronic devices that will be implanted in people’s brains to improve memory capacity.

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