How Digital Is Your Applicant Management?

Applicant Management

Finding applicants is important, often tedious and usually time-consuming. But once it’s done and you’ve attracted the attention of the right candidate, then. nothing is gained by a long shot. Because this is where applicant management comes in.

How Digital Is Your Applicant Management Already?

Leverage optimization potential with the right software The digital transformation is progressing unstoppably and penetrating more and more areas of private and professional life. However, the HR departments in small and medium-sized companies are still lagging behind this trend. After all, 40 percent of the companies have no IT support in the application process.

What are the tasks of applicant management?

Capture incoming applications

Send confirmation of receipt

re-contact in case of delays

internal forwarding of the application documents to the decision-maker

first applicant check by the decision-maker

more precise requirement and competence comparison with subsequent evaluation

TOP candidate selection

Sending acceptances and rejections

arrange interviews

Compliance with data protection throughout the application process.

Guide: How Digital Does Recruiting Have To Be?

One must not neglect digital (mechanical) methods. They are fast. They create the opportunity to increase the potential of candidates to be reached. And the generations to come have grown up digitally, so to speak. Efficient processes are crucial for the candidate experience, especially when there is a high volume of applications.

In terms of professionalism, it is also important to make decisions promptly and to inform the applicants transparently. These factors have a lasting effect on the external perception of the company and reflect on the attractiveness as an employer. Time is of great importance in the application process: as a rule, well-qualified specialists not only rely on one potential employer, but also apply to several companies at the same time. Whoever is faster here often has the edge in the competition for the best people. An employee is often firmly back in the saddle while still waiting for confirmation of receipt from another company.

Advantage: Automated Applicant Management

IT-supported applicant management not only helps those responsible for HR. It is also a key factor in recruiting success. Because it is precisely in the selection process that the corresponding software applications offer valuable support thanks to automation.

The personal data is recorded by the IT solution and pre-selected based on previously defined criteria. The software also ensures that data protection, the General Equal Treatment Act and the storage regulations are always observed. At the same time, the applications create and send acknowledgments of receipt and status updates. And they ensure that the documents are never left lying around. Is the person responsible on vacation? Then his representative receives information.

This speeds up the application process and saves money thanks to automation. In addition, the company leaves a good impression on the applicant, even if the applicant is rejected. Word gets around. Especially on social networks.

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