TikTok may be a video platform, but videos without sound are not fun. While some videos are just as funny on mute, most need sound, whether it’s to help deliver the joke or just to set the right mood. Most people simply don’t realize how important sound is to video until it’s missing, so if you find yourself with no audio accompanying your videos, the TikTok experience will quickly suffer.

Why can’t I hear my TikTok? If you find that there’s no sound when watching TikTok, whether from your phones or your headphones (and make sure you’ve checked them, in case you didn’t realize they were plugged in), there are some quick and easy ways to help when TikTok audio isn’t working. By quickly running through this checklist, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious solutions, you should quickly have the full, immersive TikTok experience back in no time.

Why Doesn’t My TikTok Have Sound?

Option 1: Check the mute switch on the side of your device next to the volume keys. If you still have no sound, try option 2.

Option 2: Double-tap the home button. Go back to the app and check the sound.
Try turning up the volume because TikTok can’t be heard.

Why can’t my TikTok be heard? It may seem obvious, but check the volume settings. They are often upset without thinking about it, when you go somewhere where silence is needed, for example, or even because you have pressed the button on a pocket or bag.

What Happens If You Don’t Hear Anything On Snapchat?

Whether you’re using iPhone or Android , head to your phone’s settings and make sure microphone permissions are turned on. If you have trouble recording audio, or even if you can’t hear it, turn on permissions and restart the app.

Check the mute button to turn off silent mode and be able to listen to TikTok.

Again, check the mute button. You may have accidentally pressed it or forgotten that you had turned it on before.

How Do I Unmute A Muted video?

If you decide to unmute the video , simply right-click the video again and uncheck Mute or click the audio button (Mute/Unmute) .

Allow Microphone Access Permissions

Your settings may not allow TikTok to access your microphone, which means that the videos you record have no sound, and that’s why you can’t hear TikTok.

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • Tap Apps & notifications.
  • Tap the option to see all installed apps, then open TikTok.
  • Select the Permissions tab and make sure they are set correctly.

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