Make Social Networks A Lever For Business Competitiveness

Business Competitiveness

Beyond their initial vocation, which is to establish social links between an unlimited number of users, technological progress, including the digital transformation , has made social networks a lever for business competitiveness.

Today, social networks are among the tools most used by corporate marketing managers. In many cases, social networks have been able to replace old messaging tools, information channels, etc. Most social networks are also practical, responsive and instantaneous in relation to information flows.

In order to optimize their marketing strategy, many companies have made social networks a lever for business competitiveness. Even if it is not mandatory to integrate them into their development policy, they become essential tools for developing a strategic communication plan .

Nowadays, customers not only use modern tools but above all different channels to inform themselves, communicate, sell and buy. In this case, customers or partners are obliged to adopt the same procedures.

The objective consists in knowing the behavior of customers through their favorite social networks. This then allows them to be listed in the prospect list and possibly converted into potential customers.

The Advantages Of Making Social Networks A Lever For Business Competitiveness

Making social networks a lever for business competitiveness means first of all thinking about increasing the visibility and success of the business marketing strategy. Compared to older marketing tools, which are generally not interactive and often limited in scope locally, social media, however, benefits from the possibility of unlimited coverage.

This contributes to improving the visibility of the company and its products. Thanks to certain functions made available on certain social networks, it has become possible to measure the ROI (Return on Investment). This through reactions published by Internet users, prospects or customers on social networks.

These functions are not available on the old channels, including the traditional media (radio, television, press, etc.). These latter generally lack the means allowing customers to express themselves.

The Community Manager To Make Social Networks A Lever For Business Competitiveness

The business community manager plays a key role in making social networks a lever for business competitiveness. It is the one who determines the general policy for the use of social networks for the benefit of companies. It determines which social network to favor in such and such a circumstance.

His role is also to develop and manage the presence of a company or a brand on social networks or other community spaces. The main activities of a Community manager are generally on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

To make social networks a lever of business competitiveness, other strategic missions are also entrusted to the Community manager. The latter must analyze trends on networks and social media as well as reputation.

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