Social Networks: The Old Strings Could Well Be Successful In 2022

Social Networks

With over 4.5 billion active users worldwide, including nearly 50 million in France, social networks remain the preferred channels for brands to interact with their audiences.

Faced with ever-increasing competition, they must compete creatively to capture the attention of current and future consumers and constantly renew their communications strategies by staying abreast of developments in the various platforms.

What if, in the end, the good old tricks were the best activations on social networks in 2022…? The latest HubSpot report on social media trends gives us some clues …

TikTok: No Need To Dance To Capture Attention On The Benchmark App

With its billion users, the application has exploded in popularity over the confinements and has overtaken Instagram.

It was popularized with its short 60 sec videos. This summer, maximum initially, TikTok has been innovating with a new three-minute video format that ultimately gives brands more speaking time.

Go back? Suppose TikTok quickly stood out with its dance challenges mixing contortions and not revolutionary, establishing itself as the largest dance floor in the world. In that case, it is ultimately no longer necessary to sway to find your audience.

All sectors of activity are present on TikTok today: beauty, fashion, sport, etc.

Towards More Transparency With Brands

Could the frantic race of influencers in search of an ever-larger audience, ever more original content, and monetized partnerships run out of steam?

Influence Marketing, an efficient lever at the heart of brand strategies, is in the sights of ARPP, which publishes the results of the Responsible Influence Observatory and launches a certificate for content creators, already imposed by Club Med or Accor to their influencer partners.

The influence wants to be more responsible, transparent, exemplary, more ethical, and the legislation is involved. And transparency with brands is increasingly appreciated by communities.

Dear Everyone, Content Creator

Suppose influencer marketing is becoming more professional, still in search of maturity. In that case, we are also witnessing the birth of a new category of content creators who stand out from influencer marketing.

Everyone can potentially live off their passion today and generate their turnover with many payment tools made available to be paid directly by their readers or other followers.

Paypal or Patreon micropayment already works very well in the United States in particular.

Twitch offers the possibility to monetize lives directly on the platform, subscribe to channel subscriptions, and create messages with PayPal, Tipeee, or another link… Mr. and Mrs. everyone is free to find their tribe, create content well targeted, launch surveys, contests and earn a salary.

It remains to bring together a valuable audience around a well-chosen theme …

The Rise Of Co-Marketing Between Brands And Individuals

Brands are becoming trusted third parties, each with their communities of influence and therefore, of trust… and nothing better than to join forces to reach a new audience that is larger but also receptive.

Competitions between brands should continue in 2022 to meet audiences at a lower cost.

Co-marketing is also an opportunity for brands to share their know-how and resources.

Beyond brands, guest and co-produced content is also the prerogative of social network users as a whole.

Instagram launched this year the Live Room, a new feature for Lives, which brings together up to four participants live. 2022, on the way to ever more sharing …

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