What Must A CRM System Be Able To Do?

CRM System

Purchase decisions for products and services that require intensive consultation are always made at the relationship level. Only if you manage to build a trusting relationship and a sense of togetherness that focuses on the customer and his concerns will long-term and binding partnerships develop. At the same time, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of precisely identifying those customers whose earnings potential justifies the support effort. The task of a CRM system is to support you in these challenges.

Analytical, Communicative And Operative Elements For Customer Centricity

A CRM system always consists of a communicative, an operational and an analytical component.

It enables a differentiated analysis of your customers and supports you in developing your customer strategy and in setting up a digital organizational structure. It also helps to address your desired customers with appropriate content and to build and maintain relationships in a targeted manner.

Our tip: Combine your CRM with a content management system that fits your CRM and fits in seamlessly.

4 Wins: You Should Pay Attention To These Aspects

Whichever CRM system you choose, it maps your relationship management in terms of software and is an important tool for the digitization of marketing, sales and customer service.

The following four points are crucial considerations for the implementation and operation of a CRM system:

Pay Attention To The Possibility Of Full Integration Of The CRM System

Avoid a CRM system that runs isolated from the existing system world of your company. Because only with an integrated, company-wide system can you use the entire existing data material and network departments. Cloud-based solutions help to set up decentralized and thus achieve a high degree of flexibility.

Ensure Data Quality

You can only expect meaningful analyzes and evaluations if current, correct and relevant data is available. Use an upcoming CRM integration to get rid of old ballast.

Put value On The User-Friendliness Of The CRM System

To ensure user acceptance, the CRM system should be as uncomplicated as possible. Intuitive operation of the system that is suitable for the user’s tasks are aspects that should not be underestimated.

Activate Your Employees

In order to ensure the involvement and motivation of all employees, you should ensure that there are sufficient training opportunities and make the work culture of your company transparent. Customer knowledge of individual employees, such as that of sales experts, should be available to all colleagues.

Are You Curious About The Most Important CRM Functions?

The 11 most important functions of a CRM system are:

  • Organization of contact data
  • Precise sales forecast
  • Sales Specific Reporting
  • management of tasks
  • Save email templates
  • Automate contact
  • Automate data collection
  • Mobile version for your CRM
  • Integration with Marketing Automation
  • Use meetings and live chats
  • Discover new, suitable leads faster


With a CRM system, you network customer data, invoices and offers as well as other sales and marketing activities. Manual work steps can be mapped and automated and customers can be addressed in a well-founded manner. A CRM system brings together all customer information, evaluates it and supports employees in their daily work. Therefore, CRM software must be able to provide analytical, communicative and operational services, be user-friendly and comprehensively integrable.

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