What Are Google Discovery Ads Campaigns And How Do They Work?

Google Discovery Ads

An advertising campaign is crucial to the success of any online business. Not surprisingly, it allows companies to reach a global audience more effectively and efficiently. There are several ways that you have at your fingertips to advertise, but today we are going to learn what Google Discovery Ads campaigns are and how they work.

Through online advertising, your business can increase the visibility of the products and/or services you offer. At the same time, you will be able to improve your brand recognition and build relationships with your potential customers. It is, therefore, the best way you tend to segment your audience and direct your message to those consumers most likely to be interested in your products.

What Are Discovery Ads campaigns?

The translation of this type of advertising gives us an idea of ​​its content: discovery campaigns. They are campaigns that can be seen in all Google feeds and show personalized and very striking ads from a visual point of view. Your goal is to get large-scale conversions. This is why they appear, especially when the consumer shows interest in receiving the information.

In these types of campaigns, aesthetics and design play a much more important role than keywords. They are, therefore, very useful to get new customers to know your brand and boost sales. The ads that are displayed have a high aesthetic component and are visually very attractive.

Where Do Discovery Ads Show?

Ads from Discovery Ads campaigns on Google can automatically appear in the feeds of:

  • Home Pages.
  • See Below section and Youtube main page.
  • Discover (Google section that you can access through your mobile phone).
  • Gmail Promotions and Social tabs.

All the ads in this campaign can be created from the Google Ads platform. So these ads can work as a complement to your own Google Ads strategies. A way to attract users without actually having a direct search intention, but always generating a great reach.

What Types Of Ads Can Be Shown?

One of the main advantages of Discovery Ads campaigns on Google is that they allow you to create highly engaging, visual and personalized ad experiences. So much so that you will be able to attract a large number of followers while they browse the Google feeds, something that hundreds of millions of people around the world do every day.

The ads that you can show can be both in image and text format. Images or logos can appear horizontally or in the shape of a square. Likewise, you can show ads with a single image of the product or service you want, but also ads in a carousel format. You will realize that it is the ideal format for you to tell a visual story to attract customers.

Up to five titles and descriptions can be added to each image, as well as a final URL. But don’t worry, because Google itself is the one that automates the ad optimization process.

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