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Instagram never ceases to surprise users with new features. As of January, when making an Instagram post, a new option for adding a reminder has become accessible. It’s Instagram Reminders we’re talking about. Followers can choose to be notified of the event or promotion you highlighted in the post if you include a reminder in the post. Instagram delivers a series of messages to users who have included reminders shortly before the planned time. Notifications are sent out 24 hours ahead of time, 15 minutes before the event, and at the beginning of the event. The event’s name and the account that set the event are both listed on the notice. You’ll be sent straight to that post when you hit the notification.

Only professional (commercial) Instagram accounts can use this feature. When it became available, you may have noticed a notification sent to you by Instagram. Also, the option is only available for feed posts, including photo and video posts, as well as carousel (multiple photos) posts. Instagram Reminder can be used solely within the mobile app. Tools such as Creator Studio and Meta Business Suite don’t yet have the ability to employ this option.

Employing Instagram Reminders In The Promotion Of Your Business

A very important thing with this new option is that it can increase engagement and bring more value to the Instagram account. Instagram Reminders can have the same positive impact on user engagement as an email/newsletter (that’s well-designed and has imported contacts in the most efficient way possible via the Benchmark platform), which is another highly essential marketing channel. According to some studies, every $1 spent on email might result in a $38 return of investment.

In the blog in front of you, you can find out how Instagram Reminders can help you for your business.

Clear And Detailed Name Of The Event

While it may be enticing to keep the event name as brief and fascinating as possible, bear in mind that when participants receive a reminder of the event, they won’t see much detail. They may not have a reason to click and attend if they don’t understand what the notification is about.

Although Instagram has a limit on how long the event’s name may be, try to be as specific as possible. Use a description that stands out in place of a typical activity description.

Clear And Detailed Description Of The Event + Call To Action (CTA)

The name of the event has a limited number of characters, but there’s enough space in the description for a more detailed description of the event. Since the notification for the event refers to the original announcement, it’s important to present all the relevant details in the description of the event and explain what exactly it’s about.

Because Instagram reminders are a relatively new feature, some users may be unsure how or why to utilize them. To encourage as many people as possible to include reminders, offer a clear CTA in the post or visual’s description, such as instructing followers to click the notification (the ‘bell’ symbol) to actually enable a notification.

Use Reminder With Standard Options

Other normal choices inside the post, such as location selection, tagging other accounts, and shopping tags, can be used in addition to the Instagram Reminders option.
The bell icon appears automatically whenever a reminder and other tags are added to an Instagram post. Followers, on the other hand, can still tap the icon to see a list of accounts or products that have been tagged.

Make Another Instagram Post Reminder

Because Instagram doesn’t provide data for reminders, it’s hard to tell how many individuals have signed up to get event notifications. Rather than calculating the number of persons who have added a reminder, assume that one post is not enough to get the results you want.

Thankfully, after you’ve established the reminder on Instagram, you can use it in future posts until the start time has expired. This implies you can use the same reminder in many postings.

Unfortunately, in Stories, you can’t make event reminders or use reminder stickers. However, you may share reminder posts to stories, which will increase the visibility of your content and encourage more users to turn on reminders. Sharing reminder postings can be a wonderful way to promote an event because the event date and time are prominently shown in stories.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Reminder Posts

1 Online Or Live Events

If you start with teasers in advance, especially months or weeks prior to the main thing, Instagram Reminders are great for the promotion of events happening online.

To pique interest and promote specific performances, presenters, or themes, you can create multiple reminders for the same event. You may also utilize video reminder posts to highlight highlights from previous events and give followers a preview of what to anticipate at the next event.

2 Announcement Of An Episode/New Video On The Channel

You can make an Instagram reminder before posting a new video or episode of a show (series) to remind followers to watch as soon as new material is on air.

3 Giveaway

A giveaway on Instagram can be a terrific way to introduce your company to a wider audience or to encourage fans to create user-generated material, also known as UGC content.

Reminder messages can be used to bring attention to rewards and encourage followers to participate. Then, to ensure that your followers participate and find out who won, set a reminder for the giveaway’s end.

4 Product Launch

Are you introducing a new product or a new line of products? Instagram reminder posts are ideal for teasing new product launches and building customer excitement. When it comes to products with limited numbers, Instagram reminder posts might assist customers not miss out.

5 Discounts And Stock Sales

The Instagram reminder can be great to use for special discounts and rebates for a holiday or seasonal events. They are great for informing the followers about the dates of big discounts and the duration of the discount.

It’s noticeable that the Instagram reminder has a wide range of possibilities and can be used for different types of brand and business promotion on Instagram.

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