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Social Networks Or Call Center?

It is a common question in many companies when implementing a Customer Service department: Social Networks or Call Center? There is no single correct answer from our point of view.

If we pay attention to the various studies published in different media, users worldwide prefer to contact through Social Networks, but their doubts are not resolved in a high percentage. Therefore the tools do not work properly.

However, according to surveys, customers choose telephone and email as communication channels with companies. But that does not mean that companies should stop using the other channels of contact.

Why Use Social Networks And Call Center In Customer Service?

One of the reasons why companies began to opt for Social Networks is the low cost of its implementation. However, thanks to VoIP technology, the investment in installing an efficient Call Center is much less than what organizations believe.

That is why our recommendation is to build a Customer Service division in which users can reach the company through any of the available channels. In addition, in our marketing strategy we must focus our efforts so that all of them are efficient and adapted to our target audience.

The combination of Contact Center with Social Networks offers the company the possibility of accompanying the user throughout the entire purchase process, which provides them with a more enriching experience that will allow loyalty.

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