Do You Know The Advantages Of A Virtual Call Center?

Virtual Call Center

In the purest Matrix style, but it is not science fiction. The advantages of a Virtual Call Center are so many that we would need several articles like this to explain them, but we are going to try it and in the most graphic way possible.

What Is A Call Center?

A Call Center is a communication system that allows companies to offer customer service after-sales services, provide support and technical assistance, and communicate their shipments, but it is also a sales channel. A company’s Call Center, through its operators, can conduct surveys to improve its products and services and develop telesales and marketing strategies to become a sales tool.

In the end, what we are talking about is a means of communication for the company with its clients or potential and future clients. And it is a very powerful tool because, well used, it feeds the company with a series of data that will allow it to improve the experience of its customers and increase its sales.

Beyond the operators, speaking of pure and hard infrastructure, a Call Center is composed of several hardware and software elements such as a Telephone System (PBX, Private Branch Exchange), a CTI Server, a database server, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) and operator stations (their work centers and equipment to operate), among others.

However, the implementation of a Call Center of these characteristics represents an investment for some companies that is not always easy to assume, and that is where our Virtual Call Center (CCV) service comes in.

Advantages Of A Virtual Call Center

With our Virtual Call Center systems you will only need a computer and our Call Center Software . Nothing more. Neither expensive servers nor telephone switchboards. Everything you need is in the cloud and we manage it so that you only have to dedicate yourself to developing your sales strategies. As simple as that.

And that is one of the advantages of a virtual call center that makes it a very interesting system for SMEs and companies that need a powerful telecommunications system without having to mortgage part of the business to start it up. Its cost.

Thanks to voice over Internet technology (VOIP) and the advanced features of the virtual call center software with which we work, we will turn your company’s computers into authentic Call Centers without having to make a large investment.

In addition, another advantage of a CCV is that you can decentralize your offices if you wish or connect your headquarters or offices wherever they are. In this way, the components of your work team will be able to share and prepare documents, make presentations in real time or derive calls based on the competencies of each one to optimize customer service.

Another advantage of our Call Center systems in the cloud is that they offer practically the same features as a traditional Contact Center system and offer support for different communication channels such as email, video calls, social networks, fax and, of course, phone . And all through the Internet so you will save up to 30% compared to traditional phone calls.

Agile, powerful, flexible, easy to install, without expensive maintenance costs, inexpensive and also, if you need to expand it in a while, just say so and we will prepare a customized system.

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