What Are VoIP Phones And What Are They For?

VoIP Phones

These VoIP phones have many advantages. The one that is appreciated at first glance and which relieves the company of costly and annoying installations is its wiring. VoIP phones connect to the computer network (Ethernet) just like computers, servers and other devices. But this is only the beginning.

Thanks to the IP telephony systems and the terminals used in it, we can take our extension with us to any part of our company and even to another facility that has a network with internet access.

The configuration of these terminals is usually through a web system embedded in it. Some of them include a webcam for video conferencing.

Each phone has its own IP address and many of them have an integrated switch, so that, with the same cable that we connect the computer, we can connect the phone.

In communication systems based on VOIP technology, quality of service is important and for this purpose IP phones have QoS (Quality of Service), which prioritizes voice packets over data packets for perfect sound quality.


In addition to VoIP telephones, for Call Center installations or switchboards based on IP systems we also have Softphones which are call center software tools that emulate a telephone terminal.

These programs are installed on our PC and through the SIP protocol it connects to our IP switchboard. In addition to this, we will have headphones on our PC so that, with this set, we already have a telephone extension to make and receive calls.

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