Telephone Marketing: What It Is And How It Helps Sales

Telephone Marketing

With the advent of technological advancements, more businesses are competing with one another to entice more customers. This is one reason why digital marketing strategies are in place to help companies build their customer base and improve sales in the long run. But among these strategies, telephone marketing remains one of the most popular and effective ways of reaching out to people and turning them into customers.

Generally, Telephone marketing or telemarketing is a customer acquisition strategy, conducted by the marketing department by phone. Currently, and thanks to the development of VoIP technologies, it is one of the most profitable methods of attracting new customers , due to the low cost of its implementation.

However, for it to successfully meet the objectives set, it is necessary for those responsible to implement an appropriate strategy. In addition, they must know each step of its methodology. Without these two elements, these types of initiatives will never be effective.

Usually, a telephone marketing campaign is carried out in support of a series of previous actions , where the client has shown some interest in the product or service that the company offers through other communication channels, such as mail. electronic or social media.

Technical Requirements For A Telemarketing Campaign

To complement the marketing actions of a company with telephone campaigns, it is not necessary to make a large investment, at least in infrastructure. Thanks to VoIP technology, any company, regardless of its size, can install a call center or contact center , and thus offer a professional, efficient and profitable customer service.

Through a call center, the company can store and manage the data arising from each incoming or outgoing call that occurs. All this information is vital when it comes to knowing our potential clients, and therefore it is a great support in the creation of marketing campaigns. In addition, it can be integrated with the company’s CRM , which multiplies the possibilities.

The initial investment required to start up the call center is reduced to a VoIP provider that will offer call packages, the virtual number (s), as well as the necessary software for it. For example, some providers offer innovative software like Power Dialer to streamline the process of making and answering phone calls. They also have advanced features that enable agents to significantly increase the volume of their sales calls while managing their time more efficiently.

These platforms also let users perform several call center functions, including phone calls, from their mobile phones, making the process convenient and less time-consuming. In other words, the software associated with VoIP technology can help automate telephone operations, allowing your business to maximize its sales capabilities. But aside from the software You also need to buy IP phones and have a good Internet connection.

All this supposes an infinitely lower cost than that of a similar service with conventional telephony, hence telemarketing is one of the most profitable communication channels with the client. In addition, it offers many more added possibilities than this and greater benefits for the company.

On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of VoIP tools , such as the call center service or CRM, is that they are highly scalable, with which the company can contract the applications that adjust to its characteristics and needs, and expand them as they change, at the moment price and at a reduced cost.

However, when choosing a VoIP provider, you must consider many things. For instance, you need to check their experience, reputation, and other essential qualities to determine if they’re the right one for your telemarketing needs. It’s also crucial to know their pricing ahead of time to ensure it suits your budget. By doing all these things, you can find the appropriate VoIP provider in no time.

Advantages Of Telemarketing

There are different ways to offer our products and services to the customer, and all of them have their benefits.

Telephone marketing, despite not being the cheapest in terms of cost per contact, does offer the company a series of advantages that make it one of the most profitable alternatives. These are the most remarkable.

Personalized attention : since a conversation is carried out in real time between the company and the client, it is easier to adapt the content of the call to the characteristics, needs and tastes of the latter. Not all users are the same and cannot be treated the same.

In addition to this, the agent will be able to offer the sender of the call the possibility of replying and the ability to resolve doubts or objections raised at the time, which will greatly streamline all processes.

Obtaining information : the collection of information on each call, both received and issued, is one of the main advantages of using communication systems based on VoIP.

Thanks to its applications, not only can we record the full content of each one of them, but also, using the appropriate tools, we will obtain detailed reports on the behavior of our clients, both potential and current.

Customer service : the use of a call center provides the company with a professional customer service service, which, supported by an adequate CRM, can differentiate itself from the competition, and directly translate into an increase in sales.

Support to sales forces : a call made by a telemarketing service, whether its own or external, and although it does not end in a sale, it involves a first contact with the client, in which information is extracted that can be used to support a subsequent business visit.

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