CRM is essential in any company, regardless of the product or service that it sells, its size or its business organization.

Therefore, the tools that facilitate this management are very useful. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the most efficient and provides the company with the necessary applications to improve that management.

When a company hires a CRM , it can add certain packages so that its solution is perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the organization. That is one of the reasons why the software is so suitable.

The user pays for what he actually uses and needs. And if needs vary, it is very easy to expand services, without involving changes in infrastructure, and with minimal investment.

One of these applications is call recording . It is especially necessary for a call center or contact center , since they are carried out by different agents, each with their own way of addressing the customer, and without this application, it is very difficult to ensure adequate quality standards.

CRM Features – Call Recording Package

The call recording packages that can be included in the CRM have different functions that will allow the company a quick response. You can also track the performance of the agents, which will have an impact on the quality of the service offered since these calls can be later analyzed and possible errors analyzed to make the appropriate changes.

The Main Ones Are:

Record All Your Calls With The CRM

The possibility of recording all the calls that are issued or received without discrimination, or make these recordings under the criteria that are considered appropriate: deciding the percentage of calls that are going to be recorded, randomly, choosing only those issued or received by certain agents or in specific campaigns. There are numerous criteria that can be customized according to each need.

Thanks To The CRM You Will Be Able To Associate Calls To Your Campaigns

If the calls are made for a specific campaign, the normal thing is that they adhere to an argument, which facilitates the work of the agent who carries it out, and this can be associated with the recording , remaining anchored to it.

Search Your Recordings By Criteria Registered In The CRM

It allows you to search the recordings by different search criteria quickly and effectively, which represents a significant saving of time and effort.

Add Multiple Data To Each Call Through The CRM

Through the recording software , it is possible to access different data of the call, such as the agent who made it, its duration, the date, the start and end times, without even having to listen to it.

Reduce Management Times With Calls

The use of these packages is usually easy and intuitive , which once again, the speed of response is considerably reduced.

Gain Flexibility In Managing Calls

Calls can be heard directly from a SIP device , or we can download it to hear it at another time, or from a different device.

Advantages Of Using The Call Recording Package In Your CRM

There are many benefits that companies obtain when it comes to including a call recording package in their CRM . Some of the most prominent are the following:

Ease Of Access To Your Data

With the call recording package, you will undoubtedly obtain ease of access to the calls received and issued, thus being able to analyze the action protocol and modify it as necessary.

This will have a direct impact on the quality of the calls , but in addition, it will allow the company to observe the responses obtained, as well as the effectiveness of the tools used in said campaign, such as argumentation. You can modify and adapt them according to the reactions obtained.

In addition, it allows us to maintain control over the work of the agents , whom we can advise, so that their responses, in the face of the different possible reactions, are as efficient as possible.

Call Recording Package Allows For Oral Contracts

Using a call recording system, business transactions can be carried out . When we make a call, for commercial purposes, we can make an oral contract, closing the sale or acquisition of the service through the same call. For this to be valid, the person who buys the product or accesses the offered service must authorize the recording , and the call must meet legal requirements.

Call Storage In Your CRM

The data of each call is stored in a way that can be searched, by different criteria such as the agent who made the call, the client or the company to which the recipient or campaign belongs, among others.

Store Calls In The Cloud Thanks To Your CRM

The user can store calls made in the cloud without taking up space on the company’s servers or devices, which provides speed and agility to the service, as well as optimizes local resources. In addition, when using Cloud storage , any recording can be accessed regardless of the location from which it was made, or from which it is being viewed. This accessibility to the important data of a company allows to maximize the performance and productivity of the business.

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