How To Make Your Email Marketing Successful Again In 4 Steps

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most promising and profitable marketing tool in online marketing. However, it can only be successful if constantly questioned and optimized.

Failures In Email Marketing

Successful email marketing depends on constant adjustments and optimizations. Although newsletter marketing is easy to implement with some basic knowledge, it is understandable that small mistakes are made now and then. Your email marketing may not perform as well as you would like. At this point, it is advisable to question the current approach and to be open to new ideas. In the following, we explain how you can make your email marketing successful again in 5 steps.

Update Your Recipient List

Your email marketing performance may not be what you want because of the recipient list. The address lists should be checked carefully, especially if there have been frequent hard bounces recently. A hard bounce is the permanent inaccessibility of email addresses, and this can be caused by incorrect or outdated email addresses, among other things.

The delivery rate can be improved if these email addresses are blocked from the recipient list. It, therefore, makes sense to check and update the recipient lists at regular intervals. If all email addresses are up-to-date and functional, this is the first step towards successfully optimized email marketing.

Rely On Good Planning Only

Email marketing campaigns are often set up at short notice to send a mailing at all. However, this is the wrong approach. The better and more detailed you plan your newsletter, the higher the chances of success. Comparisons with previous mailings can also be helpful and help to uncover errors and use potential. To make comparisons, extensive reports are helpful, which present the most important key figures clearly and vividly.

The design of the newsletter should also be planned in detail. A good design concept makes the newsletter more attractive for the recipient and wants to deal with the email. The actual newsletter content is just as important. This is how strategically well-thought-out subject lines can grab the recipient’s attention. The following questions can help you discover untapped potential:

  • What are your communication goals?
  • What new products or exciting events are coming up shortly?
  • How did the previous newsletters perform?
  • Have you performed A / B tests for optimization?
  • Is there any relevance for the individual target groups?
  • Is the newsletter designed clearly and concisely and at the same time unique and innovative?
  • Are call-to-actions integrated to encourage recipients to interact?

Mobile Optimizations For Current Newsletters

Another reason your newsletters aren’t performing well could be a lack of mobile optimization. Nowadays, more and more recipients access their emails with a mobile device while on the move. If the newsletter is not optimized for mobile use, it will be displayed incorrectly or possibly not at all.

Therefore, check whether you are using responsive newsletter design templates. Design templates that are responsive automatically adapt to any mobile device. If you are not yet using these templates, it is advisable to switch to them as soon as possible. Responsive templates can increase your email marketing success again.

Email Automation For Automated Campaign Successes

Do you already use email marketing automation? If not, this could explain the poor performance of your email marketing. Automation mailings have many advantages. They respond to behaviour-based triggers that the recipient triggers. As a result, there is an exceptionally high level of relevance for readers at all times. Furthermore, email marketing automation saves you a lot of manual effort and time. Once automated mailings have been set up, they will be sent automatically.

You can find our market overview of Marketing Automation Tools here.

Conclusion: Email Marketing Success Through Simple Changes

Mistakes are human and almost inevitable. However, it is essential to review and adjust your processes regularly. The methods should be reconsidered, mainly if the desired performance is not achieved. Even with minor changes, it is possible to increase the email marketing performance again and optimize it sustainably.


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