Creating a business is not a complicated thing, but managing to maintain it. Surely you have already heard that phrase. Getting sales and loyal customers to our brand is complex, and, therefore, large corporations are launching a new marketing concept: relationship marketing.

What Is Relationship Marketing?

Also known as relationship marketing, this type of strategy goes hand in hand with the change in the paradigm of companies: now we no longer seek only to get new customers (which too) but to retain those we already have (complete satisfaction to long term).

In this type of marketing, the department in charge must work hand in hand with customer service and quality. Only in this way will truly lasting relationships be achieved. Customers will come back to us when purchasing the products we offer again and ignore the competition.

Perhaps you have heard of experience marketing, focused on the feelings of customers about the product and the campaign presented, the emotions and feelings that it awakens in them. With this type of marketing, the relationships between emotional stimuli and the purchase decision are identified and taken advantage of.

How Is Relationship Marketing Different From Traditional?

Before, marketing was always about sales. Sell, sell and sell, without worrying about customer satisfaction or their perception of the company. He did not worry more than uploading the billing account of the companies. The data was based on the cold numbers, on the bottom line, on getting the customer to buy and increasing sales. But until there: neither customer satisfaction was taken into account, nor the feelings that our product gave them, nor whether they would recommend us to their family and friends.

But things have changed. In a market where supply often exceeds demand, these strategies have no place. And is that traditional marketing works when there is no competition: do you know any company in the market without it? Well, you have to change your mentality to sell and succeed.

To sell in a market where there are competitors, you have to take a step “beyond” your competition. There are many ways to do this, but strengthening and improving customer relationships is one of them. If we have satisfied customers, we will improve our sales. And this is the goal of relationship marketing.

Of course, these strategies are still looking for the best market share and sales growth – more is missing! But also the satisfaction of the clients accompanies you from the moment the need was created, during the purchase process and in the final decision, but also later when you need support. In short, he wants to retain him and that when he needs a product from our catalogue again, we are the first option to look for it.

In short, to understand this difference, we could say that while traditional marketing craves only an economic exchange, relationship marketing seeks value: I accompany you to get the most out of your acquisition.

Objectives Of Relationship Marketing

The main and fundamental is to generate the maximum value for our clients. It is no longer that “they are right”, but that they have become our bosses.

We must know how to seek consumer loyalty. It must be borne in mind that if the client is satisfied with the experience of having worked with us, they will recommend us whenever the opportunity arises and isn’t this the best communication strategy? We always believe in more friends and family than the advertising that brands do (for this reason, many of them bet on hiring celebrities since they give the public the feeling that a “friend” is recommending them).

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