What Are Search Engine Result Pages?


The English term Search Engine Result Pages or the abbreviation SERP translated means search result pages and search results listed in search engines after a search query. The results are then arranged in descending order of relevance.

The term Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is the page results displayed in the form of snippets after a search query in a search engine looking for a keyword or a combination of terms.

Snippets In Search Engine Result Pages

These consist of a headline, a short description, and the link or, depending on the length, an excerpt from the link target link. With rich snippets, the result is supplemented with additional information so that the structured data can be read out and processed by the search engine on the relevant target page.

However, the number of results per SERP differs from time to time. Usually, Google shows ten snippets in the SERPs. However, this is increased depending on the search query of the SERPs with the results from the image search or Google News.

In addition, the SERPs can be expanded with a Knowledge Graph or a Google Answer Box. If a user uses the mobile search, the links to the respective apps can also appear.

In addition to the organic search hits, text or image ads are also recorded on the SERPs. On the other hand, there is a difference between organic search hits since the advertiser pays the provider a certain amount per click in a click auction.

The Future Of Search Engine Result Pages

Depending on the increasing importance of mobile internet use, the SERPs are increasingly adapting to the user’s individual needs. It is therefore conceivable that in the future, not only results from websites will appear in the result lists, but apps or links to the gadgets will also be displayed for search queries with the mobile device. Since July 2015, Google has been no longer just a pure provider of results but also a service provider. The index is constantly being expanded to provide the user with a SERP tailored to him and his current situation.


When the search results are presented in the SERPs, Google, for example, formally refers to the so-called snippets, which consist of a title, a description, and the URL of the respective page. In addition, rich snippets can contain other elements, including images, videos, or ratings.


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