10 Web Positioning Strategies Make Your Company Visible!

Web Positioning Strategies

Did you know that 75% of people never go past the first page when searching, therefore, it is extremely relevant that companies can design and execute web positioning strategies. In order to improve your visibility and increase organic traffic. Which will result in new potential customers, increased sales and the strengthening of the digital brand. So stay tuned and we will detail the 10 strategies that will take your organization to another level of positioning in the digital world.

1) Select Appropriate Keywords

If you want to improve the positioning of your website, it is essential that you can select the right keywords. To do this, you must think about the words that people use to find valuable content in search engines. It is important that you know that these words must be linked to what users will find on your website.

There are currently different free tools that can help us in this section. As in the case of Ubersuggest and Keyword tool with which you can support yourself to search for relevant keywords.

2) Web Positioning Strategies : Worry About Having An Adequate Domain Name

It is essential that you choose a suitable domain. Well, this is neither more nor less than the address through which people will enter your website, remember that this name must be easy to remember and must show a relationship with what you will show on your website. It is recommended that for the domain name you use the name of your company or brand.

3) All Pages Must Be Optimized

Another of the web positioning strategies that you should apply. It is the incorporation of a meta title and a meta description to each of the pages, since these must be optimized individually. And both the meta title and the meta description must include the keywords that you have selected for each page.

It is important to mention that the title must contain between 55 and 65 characters counting the spaces and the description between 150 and 160.

4) Add Internal Links

To improve the positioning you must add internal links that direct people to other pages of your website. These links must match or be related to the keywords you previously selected, this allows people to have a better experience, therefore Google will reward you.

5) Add External Links

For Google it is important that links to other websites are added, therefore, if you want to achieve good positioning, you must incorporate at least a few.

6) Post Interesting And Relevant Content

This is one of the most important web positioning strategies. Without valuable content, it will not matter what else you do to try to position your page. For this, it is essential that you clearly know the profile of your target audience. With relevant publications that respond to what people demand, you can get more natural links and organic traffic.

7) Web Positioning Strategies: Incorporate Quality Images That Are Not Very Heavy

To give your publications a greater impact, you must accompany the text with quality images that have an appropriate size. What you should avoid is that they are not very heavy, that way your website will have an adequate loading time. In addition to these images you must assign a description related to the keywords you are using, since search engines have the ability to read them.

8) Prepare And Accompany The Article With Infographics

One of the most current web positioning strategies is the use of infographics. Well, they are tools with the ability to summarize and expose any subject in a visual way. Therefore, it is a type of representation that attracts organic traffic and also has a high probability of being shared.

9) Make Guest Posting

It is a strategy that consists of publishing on other websites or blogs. Having the possibility of even leaving a link that redirects to your website. You must select sites that deal with topics similar to yours and study the possibility of publishing on their websites or blogs as a collaboration.

10) Web Positioning Strategies: Advertise Your Content On Other Platforms

Another basic strategy today that generates positive results is to promote your content on social networks, forums, content aggregators, among others . This will make your content reach more people.

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