Communication Agencies 2021: People, New Plans And The Same Objective

Communication Agencies

We always tell ourselves that the future is in our hands. We think, with goodwill, that work pays and experience is a degree. We, therefore, trust in what will come, which will surely be better. However, reality contradicts us many times, and we see that there are Communication Agencies that appear and disappear without our understanding of why or why not. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly ask ourselves what we are doing right and wrong, discovering which aspects we have to focus on more. And measure it, which can also be done.

In a discussion about it, one aspect that we will all mention will be that of people. Communication Agencies work to agree with individuals (not companies), attract them, earn their trust and provide them with a quality service. And we approach it with more people, professionals, who have undoubted knowledge and experience, but whose work depends on more people, on third parties involved (again individuals) who can give them a place in the Media, satisfy the objectives and expectations of the brands, bring them great joys, or not.

For this reason, we should put press agents as the first foundation of the building of any Communication Agency, those who put into practice the strategies and initiatives of each client, especially those who are on the ground. They are the ones who know the keys to reach the suitable medium, with the most indicated message, how to get it right and achieve a publication or close an interview with a client spokesperson, who wants to convey their message directly, meet the journalist who writes about these issues, in the environment that best suits you.

It may often seem that it is looking for a needle in a haystack, but it has more technique than it seems. It has to be worked on daily, and, again, it has to be championed by a specific person. Selecting the appropriate executive in each particular client or Account also entails certain complexity and considerable coordination in all Communication Agencies. It is almost the first task of any manager or team coordinator to know which professional is the most suitable for each Account.

In these times, the Media / Agency relationship is also evolving rapidly, first due to generational change, then due to the evolution of Communication channels itself and, finally, due to the prevailing circumstances that we live in today, including confinements. Today it is more urgent than ever to review the methods of relationship, of contact with the appropriate Media / Journalists, which must be closer than ever, since digital channels facilitate maximum interaction, but also because we are moving towards a world in which women Press releases or releases are more in the form of a tweet or an SMS.

We are heading towards the correct and timely headline, complete or deep content rather than lengthy descriptions or complex reasoning. Instantaneity has won the game over depth. The classic statement or press release is helpful on special occasions when other forms of access to the receiver become impossible or contraindicated to carry the message we want to convey. 

The personalization of these messages is increasingly crucial. No journalist wants to feel like one more in a long list of shipments. The activity of the Communication Agency tends more and more to more personalized service, both towards clients and towards the recipients of their messages. It seeks preferential treatment without reaching exclusivity, although this attribute does maintain its classic appeal for any media professional. There is a clear trend towards quality over the number of impacts achieved. 

It is true that clients do not always share this vision or that what is sought is to reach all corners of the market on certain occasions. Still, any modern press agent likes more to achieve a powerful impact in mass media than forty with a much smaller diffusion. In this sense, the future indicates that the phrase “less is more” will continue to be consolidated in the Communication activity.

For this, it is essential to know in detail the client’s activity, plans, and projects, share its strategy, understand in which fields it operates, and what its closest expectations are. Close dialogue on these aspects must be fostered continuously between the client and the Communication Agency because the final effectiveness of both depends on its results. With this exhaustive knowledge, it is more natural to find opportunities, promote them or provoke them at a specific time, which is also just when it matters most and matters most. 

This has to continue to be one of the fundamental values ​​of a Communication Agency; having the ability to delve into the client’s content and messages and fully understand their arguments. This makes it easier and more natural to find those genuinely decisive opportunities.

Once the most valuable material to communicate has been found, the right executive to carry it out, the most suitable channel and the journalist who can best reflect what we want to bring to the market, it is time to prepare the spokesperson to accompany him on the path that you will walk through, with a roadmap that helps you fulfil your role with maximum efficiency, and also fits into your busy career schedule.

A successful script, a few days of preparation, and a solid argument with which you feel comfortable is simple to explain, unambiguous and concise. In many cases, this intervention must be prepared unless the spokesperson has sufficient qualities and experience to know how to improvise responses. Here the Communication Agency is also decisive in reaching the zenith of its value, providing advice, guidelines and ideas that generate a solid, close, exciting and attractive image, and closing the circle of effective communication. 

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