How To Improve SEO If You Sell Food And Dietary Supplements

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More and more people are concerned about their health and quality of life. Therefore, if necessary, they decide to improve their healthy habits and consume a food supplement or complement.

Food supplements provide the vitamins and nutrients necessary to lead a good lifestyle. These help to supplement the diet when there is an insufficiency.

For example, vegetarians and vegans usually take B12, an essential vitamin for the brain, nervous system, and blood formation.

But supplements are also helpful in gaining or losing weight, improving digestion, improving mood, and reducing menstrual symptoms, among many other functions.

It is common to take sports supplements among athletes to perform better, achieve more muscle mass, etc.

And it is thanks to the versatility of supplements and supplements, the demand for these products has increased in recent years. What has become an excellent opportunity for many businesses that sell food supplements?

However, there is increasing competition in the sector. Therefore, it is essential to have a website perfectly optimized for SEO.

Also, if you have a good SEO strategy, you can improve your search engine positioning, increase visibility and sell more.

Remember that 80% of users only pay attention to the first page of results.

For this reason, today, we want to give you the best tips to optimize the SEO of your food and dietary supplements website to attract customers with minimal effort and investment. Take note!

How To Improve SEO If You Sell Food And Dietary Supplements

When we talk about SEO, only some things are valid. So take advantage of these tips to optimize the SEO of your E-Commerce food and dietary supplements. Keep reading!

Web Architecture

Your website must follow an architecture to work the SEO of any Online business since web architecture helps to improve the user experience (UX).

But above all, your content must follow a hierarchy so the user can more efficiently process the information.

The trick is to write the content following a previously thought-out hierarchy.

If you have e-commerce, you can use a web structure and architecture both in the menu and on each page. For example, for the home page of your brand’s online store, you can use a basic structure similar to this:

It is recommended that the home page have a header with the logo, the search engine, and the shopping cart. Next to the navigation menu.

Below the header and the navigation menu, the products with the highest demand or news from your business have a CTA button or call to action.

In the last block, you must show the main categories of products you will find on the web and the most outstanding ones. These must also have a CTA to redirect the user.

Finally, the conditions and additional information about the company.

But, in addition to the web structure, it is interesting that you are up to date with web design news to get a website according to current trends.

Right Keywords

Keywords are essential to position yourself in Google and any search engine.
Therefore, you must be clear about the keywords for which you want your food and dietary supplement company to be found.

For example, you can rank your best products (“gluten-free food supplements,” “food supplements for weight loss”) according to the queries with the highest search volume on Google. So when users search with those words, they will find the products of your food supplement business.

In addition, when you choose the keywords with which you want to position, it will be essential that you treat these words strategically on your company’s website.

You can download our study of trends and successful marketing strategies in the gluten-free market and find out which are the keywords most used by users. This way, you will improve SEO, and your brand will gain maximum visibility.

Product Sheets

Each of the products that you offer in your online business must have a perfectly optimized product file.

On the one hand, improving the SEO On Page of your products is essential; therefore, your company’s website appears in the first search results. And on the other hand, it helps users to have more information about the product.

Therefore, you must take into account the Rich Snippets. In other words, fragments of information that, in addition to being more attractive to the user and encouraging them to click, allow search engines, such as Google, to understand the data on your page better, and you can improve the SEO of your company.

What Should A Product Sheet Have?

The four basic parameters for the SEO of your products are a product title that contains your Keywords, an attractive description, a quality visual image, and a URL that is as short as possible.

Then, to complement your product listings, you can add featured reviews or related products to cross-sell.

In short, if you have perfectly optimized product sheets, you will have a better chance of selling more food and dietary supplements.

Quality Content

If you want to improve the SEO of your brand of food and dietary supplements, you must create quality content.

Keep in mind that both search engines and users highly value content that is relevant, valuable, unique, and useful.

And for that, you must take into account specific essential requirements. For example, the information is verified and contrasted to be able to consider it of value.

Also, if you want to stand out from the competition, you must add value to your content.

He thinks that quality is more important than quantity. If the client sees a lot of letters empty of meaning, he will surely end up abandoning the reading.

However, if users find what they see useful and interesting, you will have a better chance of them sharing your content and becoming evangelists of your brand.

For this, you can have a Content SEO strategy to create content of value and interest for customers or even make a content Hub with which to offer different content of value to users, for example.

Therefore, quality content is essential to improve the SEO of your food and dietary supplements website.

Internal Links

Internal links on a website are all those internal pages that are linked to each other and that have something in common.

Internal links are useful for users to visit other sections of your website and spend more time browsing. Therefore, Google will value the content of your company’s website more positively.

But as we have told you, you can also use them to recommend related products and cross-sell.
You can also create a Blog to offer valuable content to your users and link products that are recommended or mentioned.

It is important that the links have a URL that is as short as possible.

Ideally, the size of the URL is between 3 and 40 characters in length, and it contains your keyword.

External Links

In addition to SEO On Page, it is important to work on SEO Off Page, that is, outside your web page.

Keep in mind that using external links or Backlinks is key to improving the SEO positioning of your website. Mainly because external links give you visibility and improve the authority of your company’s website.

And How Can You Get Backlinks To Your Website?

For example, you can get external links on social networks, in the media and the press, in forums and blogs, and you can even make a Guest Post.

The important thing about external links is not the quantity but the quality. It is better to have few links of quality than many links which are outside the brand.

Only in this way, the page of your company will be better valued, and you will better position organically in search engines.

For this reason, it is so important that you have a good SEO On and Off Page strategy with which to increase the visibility of your brand, direct visits from potential customers to your website, and attract potential customers.

The Adaptability Of The Web

A few years ago, users only browsed through their computers. However, today, users visit a website from a Smartphone, a Tablet, or a television.

Therefore, it is essential that your website is Responsive, that is, that it is capable of adapting to any device. Having an adaptable web page helps to improve the user experience (UX) and the principles of web usability.

So, if your food supplements store still needs to get a mobile-first design, you should start doing it now!

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