3 Elements For An Effective Website Web design

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Your website is your showcase: the design of your site is therefore the first element that will give an impression to the user and “you only have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a good first impression”. A good web design is difficult to define because it is visually very subjective. Here are some essential characteristics that we have identified.

Consistency With The Visual Identity Of The Company

According to a Stanford study, 75% of Internet users base their judgment of a company’s credibility on the design of its website. It is therefore essential that your web design is always linked to the visual identity of the company (from your complete graphic charter or your logo).

Indeed, the latter must reflect your brand: it must be easily recognizable and must quickly be associated with your company.

It will allow Internet users to remember you more easily and will ensure consistency with all the elements of your visual identity (logo, business card, flyers, content on social networks, storefront, vehicle flocking… The list is long!).

It Must Contribute To The Simplicity Of Navigation On Your Website

An effective web design also results in simple, fast and efficient navigation on the different pages of the site. Indeed, the Internet user must be able to have access in a few clicks to the information he is looking for.

For this, the typography (i.e. the font) must therefore be clear and legible: this will have an impact on the effectiveness of your various messages.

It will also be necessary to remember not to overload your pages with visual elements which could alter the understanding of the message.

Do not forget when writing the different pages to be clear and concise. If possible, use short, direct sentences.

Our young web designer Dorian recommends unifying the colour of all clickable links. Thus, the Internet user can easily identify which elements refer to other pages or allow an action to be performed.

The Web Design Of A Site Is User-Centered

Today, more than 1 in 3 Internet users browses the Internet from their smartphone. Your web design must therefore imperatively be adaptable on phone and tablet (in other words, be responsive)!

Indeed, the primary objective of web design is to encourage visitors to stay on the site. It thus allows you to create a universe around your entity that will provoke emotions among Internet users.

As said before, it must highlight your editorial. It must, in fact, make it possible to draw attention to textual information.

The home page must therefore capture Internet users. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the essential elements of the home page:

  • Company logo
  • An easily accessible navigation menu
  • A visual illustration of your business
  • One (or more) call to action referring to the contact page or a contact form

Don’t forget that Internet users must find essential information about your business very easily.

Who To Contact For An Effective Web Design?

Thanks to an agency specializing in the creation of sites, you will have a tailor-made and unique web design.

You will have experts who will offer you an impactful and effective web design according to your objectives.

You will thus benefit from their creativity and their inspirations to highlight your company (thanks to their constant monitoring of new products and graphic trends).

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