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Today the Internet has become an essential work tool due to the immediacy and ease of searching for anything. How far have other methods as rudimentary as telephone books, magazines, or newspapers as a means of information! In the digital world, this way of exploration is called search engines or Search Engines, and in this article, we will explain what they consist of and which ones are the most used. We started …

What Are Internet Search Engines?

Surely the first thing that comes to mind is Google. It is indeed the internet search engine par excellence. But what exactly does a search engine do? They are computer systems that work looking for files that are stored on the Internet through web crawlers. These receive different names such as spiders, crawlers, indexers, or indexers and are responsible for automatically crawling the entire network fabric to create results pages later. In short, they are in charge of searching for anything on the Internet that is useful to the user and placing the pages related to that search.

Why Search Engines Matter

From these search engines, a network of specialists in the study of web positioning arises. Because the priority on the Internet is to appear in the first positions of the first page, synonymous with maximum visibility and increased visits to that page, it is necessary to create quality content and improve SEO, which helps to achieve that good positioning.

Search engines are important because they make browsing the Internet easier. Just by entering a few keywords, you can find any information on the net. Among the thousands of results, the user is the one who chooses.

The Most Used Search Engines On The Internet

We have seen before that Number One is Google. But other search engines can be perfectly adapted to the user’s needs. Google’s competition tries to offer alternative services not available to this search engine, such as data privacy, results without advertising, or search engines created in the likeness of a country such as China and Russia. This is the list of the best-known and most used search engines you can find on the Internet.


No one doubts that it is the most popular search engine since it came to life among Internet users in 1997. More than 90% of users browse Google daily. In addition to being a search engine, it offers other services that it has been incorporating and that have been equally successful in the digital world, such as news, email, translator, social network, or calendar.


Maximum competition from Google. Before the titanic Apple arrived, Yahoo was the leading portal for Internet content searches.


It is Microsoft’s web search engine and was known as Live Search. In addition to offering the list of searches in real-time, it includes a list of related searches, called the browser panel, according to user preferences.


Eliminate all duplicate content and decide what is the most relevant information for your search.


The highlight of this search engine is that it offers semantic recognition, places great importance on data security and the protection of the Internet user since it does not leave a trace of users after a search on the web.


It is a search engine that does not share personal information, save search history, or sell it to advertisers.


It is characterized by its privacy when surfing the net. All possible results can be obtained without being subjected to any filter.


It is the ecological search engine of the web. Through search ads that generate income for them, they use it to plant trees.


It is the main search engine in China. It is practically the same as Google.


It is the search engine that competes with Google in Russia.

High View

It was the first web search engine that generated a complete database to carry out searches on the net. Yahoo now owns it, and among the services it offers are the yellow pages, the translator, and the people’s search engine.

It is a search engine with different characteristics. Its purpose is to provide answers to simple questions that arise through the search for the used keyword.

Aol Search

Known for a long time as America Online, today it depends on the Google company and allows searching for photos, videos, and sounds in real-time.

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