Whatsapp – This Is How You Can Save Your Chat History And Photos


Backup Via Google Drive And The Computer

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messenger service. There are always various updates and new features of the app. The company recently announced: From November 12th, all photos and chat histories older than a year will be deleted from Google Drive. But don’t worry, we’ll explain how you can back up your data.

Hold On To Old Memories

Only Android users are affected by the deletion. So if you haven’t backed up your data for a long time, you should do so by November 12th. After all, there are many memories attached to the countless chat histories, photos, and videos.

How To Create A Backup

As an Android user, you have two options for creating a backup of your data. The easiest and fastest way to back up your memories is through Google Drive. This is the free cloud storage that every Google account holder has. It can be used to create a backup of your data.

Backup To Google Drive: Here’s How

This is quite simple. First, open the Whatsapp “Settings” and click on the “Chats” menu item. From there, go to the selection “Chat backup.” Here you can then initiate a backup copy via “Save.” It is common for an automatic backup to be created once a day. However, you can also set different intervals.

After the “backup” has taken place, you can then restore your data to a new Android phone, for example. However, it is essential to have a secure WiFi connection at home. Otherwise, the data volume will be used up quickly.

Backups Offline: Here’s How

Another option is via the computer. You can also transfer the chat history on an Android phone from smartphone to smartphone. This works similarly to the Google Drive backup. To do this, go to “Chats” in the “Settings,” then to “Chat backups,” and then to “Save” again. Then you have to connect the mobile phone to a computer with a USB cable and activate the data transfer. Then navigate to the folder named Whatsapp / Databases in the device’s internal storage. 

Export Only Individual WhatsApp Chat History

There is also a way to export those who only want to keep individual chat histories. To do this, open any chat. Then click on the conversation menu and select the “Chat by email” function. There you then have the option of attaching the voice recordings or media – or just restricting yourself to the text.

The .txt file with the chat log, images, and voice recordings is transferred to your email app as .opus files. By the way: You can open the .opus files on the computer with VLC. But be careful: This backup option is a pure export. This means that this data cannot be inserted into a new WhatsApp installation. So if you want to keep all your memories, you should back up your data as soon as possible. 

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