Media Buying: The Rules For A Successful Campaign

Media Buying

Media buying, or advertising buying, can allow a company to quickly gain visibility, provided that it carefully prepares its campaign. We will explain everything to you.

Media Buying: What Is It?

Different possibilities are available to companies wishing to communicate. Among them is media buying. The principle is to broadcast your advertising messages on the media most suited to your campaign . It could be an advertisement in newspapers, magazines, a TV spot, a radio spot, a banner on a website, a partnership with a podcas. The possibilities are today. almost infinite today. We talk about media buying in the sense that you buy visibility on media supports.

Media Buying Campaign: How Does It Work?

A media buying campaign is being prepared, anticipated . The first step is to study the market to determine trends. It is also necessary to define your target, to understand their expectations and needs, by drawing up a typical profile, or “buyer persona”. The next step is to establish your objectives: make your brand known, create the desire to buy your products, promote a new service… Once that’s done, you can work on your campaign message and think about the visuals . This should be impactful.

Then, you have to select your media wisely. This choice depends on your target and the message to be conveyed. For example, young people are more interested in television or social networks than in the press. Moreover, not all media are accessible to the same budget. Once the media plan is in place, it is essential to measure the performance and effectiveness of your campaign using indicators such as: the number of sales, customers, “likes”, comments, clicks, shares, etc. This review of operations offers the possibility of taking a step back from your choices and the resulting results.

Our Advice For A Successful Media Planning Strategy

Before you even embark on a ”  media planning  ” campaign, it is essential to define your target , in other words the audience for which the advertising campaign is intended. The advertising message must be clear and adapted to your target audience. No need to scatter, at the risk of being counterproductive. It is better that your message goes directly to the essential to facilitate its memorization . You can possibly use an advertising agency. Being accompanied offers the advantage of benefiting from an experience of “best practices” and a certain creativity.

On the same diagram, you must choose a distribution channel adapted to your prospects . Radio and television spots, insertion in paper magazines or the press, distribution of flyers, setting up natural referencing campaigns, social networks. As explained above, the possibilities are numerous. The idea is not to over-solicit your audience but to focus on quality.

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