Advertising Tracking: How To Escape It?

Advertising Tracking

In its new version, Firefox will automatically block advertising tracking. Facebook deploys a tool so users can manage it according to their desires. Concretely, what is advertising tracking, and what are the solutions to escape it?

What Is Ad Tracking, And How Does It Work?

Also called retargeting (advertising retargeting in French), advertising tracking targets a visitor in whom a brand or a product/service has aroused interest via a page or a website, thanks to automated advertising.

How could Amazon offer you this famous phone case you want? Thanks (or because) for the Cookies!

Facebook Helps You Control Your Information

Last summer, Facebook developed the tool “Off Facebook Activity” in French “, Activity outside Facebook”. This feature, intended for network users, allows them to check all the information that other applications or sites share with Facebook. According to Facebook, there are two things to remember about this feature for businesses:

If users choose this function, the data will not be used for network advertising targeting,
Measurements and statistical tools will not be changed: companies will still be able to see the impacts of their actions.
In short, this new tool will, above all, allow users to manage their data.

2 Techniques To Avoid Being Tracked On The Web

Configure Your Accounts And Browsers

When browsing a site, do not immediately click the “Accept All” button when the GDPR message appears. By doing this action, you accept that the company produces traffic statistics and shares content on social networks while adapting it to your centres of interest. Feel free to configure your choices to avoid ad tracking by default. Beyond this first configuration, you can do it on your Google accounts or other profiles such as Instagram or Pinterest.


AdBlock is a free extension that allows users to personalize their browsing: filter and block all annoying web content (advertising, pop-ups, etc.). AdBlock is available on all browsers and mobile devices.

AdBlock allows you to enjoy the internet without annoying advertising, but it is also:
faster and smoother navigation; the pages load much faster without these blocking elements,
Thanks to this barrier, you significantly reduce the risk of infections due to malicious advertisements.

If you feel polluted by all this advertising daily, do not hesitate to personalize your different browsers. Clear your history and use your browser privately for an easier and more effective solution.

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