Cooperative leadership – Why Mental Fitness Is Crucial

Cooperative leadership

Times are changing rapidly – that is more than clear to everyone. But what do social upheavals, technological progress and agile processes mean for your leadership role? How do you change your competencies to lead successfully – or do you even have to reinvent them? Management coach Thierry Ball is convinced that every manager must become aware of their attitude, responsibility and perception and should constantly adjust these parameters. Because what counts in the modern management world are the elementary human aspects – and everyone carries them within themselves.

The Authenticity Factor

What impact does a leader’s authenticity have on their leadership role today?

Experience is the most important. A leader who plays or “plays” a role uses too much energy and resources. Learning and knowing how to become and remain authentic as a boss has another very important effect:

The issue of “work-life balance” has largely been resolved since there is no longer a need to differentiate between work and private life.

As a person, I am always the same in both contexts! If we have to restore a balance here, we also staged the imbalance ourselves.

The Art Of Healthy Living

A prerequisite for cooperative leadership is to take care of a healthy lifestyle. How do you manage to lead yourself properly?

An initially remarkable aspect of the “correct” self-leadership is that what is “correct” can only be known best by each individual. Being in self-leadership means all the stimuli and events offered from outside serve to learn to take things as they come neutrally and impartially. Everything that happens to us from the outside is initially neutral and only affects us through our gift of meaning – both rationally and emotionally.

“Lead healthy” means seeing yourself and the other person as positive, i.e. as “being okay”, regardless of what the behaviour shown is at the moment. This has nothing to do with positive thinking but rather with the appreciative and, at the same time, selfless handling of what we encounter on the outside and, at the same time, the view of ourselves. After all, it’s basically like this: we and the others are in theirs. Always behave in the best possible way when we show it. We are not entitled to judge people if we cannot answer for ourselves – i.e. responsibility – to our experience.

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The Path To Mental Fitness

You often refer to mental fitness in this context. It is well known that fitness is achieved through a lot of training. What could a training plan for more mental fitness look like?

A daily workout plan could include the following elements:

  • Contemplate (sit still) for up to 30 minutes a day. Pause, find your stillness and centeredness in your body and use your breath to return to yourself repeatedly. Mentally turn to yourself: There is nothing to do now.
  • With what is happening to you, make yourself aware of what this has to do with you and what responsibility and personal contribution you have brought in this experienced situation. Be aware.
  • Take care of yourself, stay true, and try to see yourself in situations. Do you see yourself? How exactly do you see yourself? Then who do you see as? Go to an external perspective level (meta-level) and take responsibility for your practical actions.
  • In everything you experience in everyday life, check your associated convictions, beliefs and limitations. Where are you from? What are they saying? And what if it wasn’t like that but completely different? Then who would you be?
  • Connect with nature. Every day. She is always at your disposal. Go into the forest and take a forest shower, follow your natural polarity principle within you and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Try to consciously experience a day as it begins and ends (sunrise/sunset) and get enough sleep. Go to sleep until 10:00 p.m. do it! For themselves!

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