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For some time, you must observe more and more QR codes establishing themselves in many sectors of activity. Indeed, this tool allows you, for example, in many restaurants, to access the menu. It is also increasingly used for checking train tickets, online reservations, or receiving parcels. More recently, we have seen the proliferation of the QR code in our way of life during the pandemic with the famous health pass. On the business side, the QR code can also transmit relevant information to your customers, especially for the purchase consideration process. Declinable according to the different types of activity and your objectives, it can be a real ally in your digital marketing strategy.

Recap On The QR Code

What Is The QR Code?

Meaning “Quick Response Code” in English or “quick response code”, the QR code is a 2D barcode used to store digital data and facilitate access to certain information. It, therefore, intervenes in two stages and offers a benefit to the person who generates it and the person who scans it, making the transmission of elements more fluid.

Visually, it appears as a square featuring a black-and-white checkerboard-like pattern. Unlike the checkerboard, the pattern of the QR code contains dots and lines used to decode the incremental information; it is not there to be visually attractive and has a very specific utility. If the classic bar code is only read horizontally, the QR code contains information horizontally and vertically, offering a 360-degree reading. But then, where does this technology come from and how to use it wisely?

The Different Types Of QR Codes

To be able to define the use that can be made of them, it will first be a question of dividing them into two main categories: static and dynamic.

➡ The static: Who says static says fixed? From its creation, its content cannot be the subject of any modification; it is, therefore, final. This type of QR code is therefore used to transmit information considered permanent, such as your website’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator), to ensure redirection to it. So, if this URL is changed, the technology will instantly stop working. To transmit the new address of your website again via a QR code, you will need to generate a new one.

The dynamic: If the static is not adjustable, the content of the dynamic is, if necessary, via the target URL. It is, therefore, more flexible than its predecessor and more used by companies.

The Different Versions

Apart from the type, QR codes can be categorized by their version. There are several, but 2 main ones stand out, allowing us to determine the way in which the content is stored.

The digital version: it is famous for the large storage capacity it offers and contains only decimal digits (0 – 9), up to 7089.

The alphanumeric version: it can contain numbers, symbols, letters as well as spaces, and its storage capacity is 4296 characters.

The Use Of The QR Code During The Covid 19 Pandemic

The need for social distancing has prompted a large number of companies to take the plunge into QR code. Scannable directly via his smartphone from the camera or by downloading an application allowed the transmission of information without handling objects or documents in person.

In addition to companies, the government also took over the use of QR codes as part of introducing the health pass and then the vaccination pass. Indeed, the proof of a person’s vaccination is available in the form of  QR code. This proves the practical and secure aspect of this tool. But then, how to integrate it into your marketing strategy and which functionalities to choose for your activity?

How To Read A QR Code?

As stated above, the QR code is decoded at 360 degrees. To be able to read it, it must be scanned. This step can be done on a tablet or smartphone with the internet or on a suitable reader.

It is recognized by the different devices thanks to the famous 3 squares it contains, then scanned by decomposition.

Some devices do not have the function of reading QR codes, and you must then download an application to do so, available in Google Play and Apple Store stores. A multitude of applications are available for this purpose.

How To Generate One For Your Business?

Acquiring a QR code is particularly easy if you follow good practices. Indeed, you don’t need to be a computer or coding expert to generate your business QR code.

Define The Purpose Your QR Code Meets

Your tool must have a clear functionality and give relevant information to your customers. It must meet a specific marketing strategy objective and can have many uses. It can be a useful ally in prospecting, digital sales, notoriety, information and much more. Indeed, it can be used correctly to enlarge your list of prospects, increase your interactions on social networks, promote your products and services, and many other things according to your needs.

Determine Its Content

Now that you have set the objective that your QR code will meet, it will be a question of determining the information to include. They can be, among others:

  • Textual information about your products/services
  • The link to your website or landing page
  • The link to your social networks
  • An audio MP3 file (song, podcast)
  • An image file
  • Your contact details.

Its Usefulness In The Professional World

Now that we have just defined the principle of the QR code and how to obtain one for its activity, it will be a question of giving concrete examples in which it can intervene for the digital marketing strategy of your company. Because indeed, it can have many caps because of the functionalities it can cover.

In the retail and catering sectors, it can improve the user experience and the customer experience (CX). It also allows brands to communicate in a rational and modern way and thus to be able to stand out from the competition. Present in your advertising campaigns, your e-mailing campaigns, on your billboards or your packaging, it can tip the scales. But how?

The QR Code As A Business Card

This is how entities most use it. Indeed, so that your business card remains visually attractive and without overloading, you can put your contact details and position there and include the QR code, which will include the additional information. In particular, it can redirect to your website, Linkedin profile, a Youtube presentation video on your activity, a landing page, and many other possibilities.

For Restaurants

For restaurateurs, the QR code can cover several missions. First of all, it can be placed on the windows of restaurants to give opening hours or even redirect the public to their website.

On the tables, it can be used as a menu of dishes and drinks and, more recently, as a means of ordering and payment. Because indeed, the QR code is becoming a revolution in this sector for the time saving and the fluidification of the processes it can bring. This time saving will allow staff to focus more on customers and thus improve their experience.

Promote Your Offers

The QR code can act as a coupon. Although this type of process is not yet sufficiently developed in France, this is the opportunity to acquire an innovative brand image.

This way, you can offer limited offers that attract new customers and retain those you already have. To highlight one of your events via a landing page or one of your new products via the URL of your website, the QR code proves to be a practical, intriguing and inexpensive solution.

Increase Your Natural Referencing

Since your website is a fundamental lever in your marketing strategy, why not combine it with the benefits generated by QR codes?

Thus, by incorporating this tool next to your logo in your email signature, leaflets, goodies, or any other corporate document, you increase the chances of increasing your natural referencing.

Because if your traffic increases, Google will consider this acceleration a quality guarantee and give you better natural referencing. This also increases your online notoriety.

Promote Your App

QR codes can be very useful in advertising, especially to publicize your application. Thus, including them in your various advertising media will be enough to encourage your target audience to download your application via a scan on their phone. This also allows your application to acquire a good SEO in the stores as soon as it is released for maximum benefits.

Generate Customer Reviews And Increase Your E-reputation

Customer reviews now weigh in the balance when it comes to purchasing decisions. Indeed, they boost it considerably when they are positive, establishing a climate of confidence and serenity with your brand.

Therefore, they are very important for your digital notoriety and purchase tunnel. Including your Google business URL to acquire reviews is a good idea. This will also optimize your SEO (natural referencing) thanks to the traffic on your account.

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