Team Building Activities: How To Motivate Your Team

Motivate Your Team

Do you have to motivate your team, and you don’t know how? Discover team building activities, which may be the solution you are looking for.

Keeping work teams motivated is essential for the success of any company, regardless of its size. Although it is not an easy task, because there is accumulated work that must be done, or because the end of the month is approaching and there are many tasks to be done, the important thing is to think of solutions that help to get out of the work routine, and that results in a source of creativity for employees.

Motivate Teams Through Team Building Activities

Done as a team and informal moments, these activities aim to get out of the work routine and reinforce the importance of teamwork. In addition, they help improve the work environment and employees’ productivity. Team Buildings are the ideal way to break the ice for collaborators who have only recently joined the team.

For this reason, team building activities focus on freeing collaborators from daily stress through different experiences and dynamics, in which their physical or intellectual capacities are put to the test.

It is a strategy widely used by companies to motivate and work on some skills necessary for the success of work teams. Despite being more common in large organizations, this type of intervention is essential for any company (startups, SMEs, etc.).

Activities Team Building For Business

For team building activities to positively impact work teams, they must be thought about, taking into account the activity sector and the available budget.

Here are some examples of activities that can help motivate your work team:

  • Extreme activities: arborist, canoeing, rafting, slide, abseiling, mountaineering.
  • Strategy games: paintball, orientation, peddy paper, escape games.
  • Workshops: dance, theatre, cooking.
  • Themed commemorations: lunches, gastronomic competitions, Christmas dinners.
  • Actions of social responsibility and environmental sustainability: planting trees, volunteering.

Have you thought about the impact of this type of activity on your work team?

Motivated employees are happier, more creative and more likely to develop new business ideas. In addition, motivation helps to increase productivity levels and, as a consequence, to improve results. As Albert Schweitzer says, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”.

Lack Of Time Or Lack Of Opportunity?

Even though team building activities are a good strategy for companies to achieve success, it is not always easy to find the time or the opportunity to carry out these dynamics.

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