SMEs Are Betting On Digital Advertising To Reach Their Audience

digital advertising

Small and medium-sized companies are betting on Digital advertising with a clear objective: to reach the maximum possible audience in the next campaigns they carry out. Data from the media agency reveal that SMEs have increased their advertising investment in all media by 65% ​​during the first six months of the year.

The trend is expected, according to the agency, to also increase in the face of the Christmas campaign. The periods in which investment has grown the most have been during the three months of summer, June, July and August.

Health, Finance And Tourism Sector

By sectors, the one that has grown the most in its investment in advertising is the health sector, with 33% investment. Behind him are the finance sector, with 21% investment, and tourism and hospitality, with 20%.

In total, so far this year the advertising investment that has been made has been 2.485 million euros. That is 18% more than what was invested in 2020. The trend shows, according to experts, that SMEs continue to bet on advertising as a lifeline in the face of the economic crisis that has reduced business income.

Digital Advertising

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the type of advertising that these companies prefer the most is digital. 71% of the advertising investments that have been made were destined to this support.

Regarding the advertising format, the preferred one for SMEs is advertising on social networks. In this medium, investment has increased by 21%. Behind is adwords advertising, with an increase of 11% and advertising on the web, banners, newsletters and other online advertising actions.

In addition, the fact that online formats are preferred by SMEs when investing has a positive consequence. This has led to the emergence of new advertising alternatives for online searches. This is the case of search engines and marketplaces, where advertising investment has grown by 55%.

It is expected that from the month of October advertising investment in online channels will grow, as many companies begin to prepare for the Christmas campaign.

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