How To Increase Productivity In 4 Steps


Productivity is something transversal to all businesses, in any area and market, and it is already beginning to emerge as a daily challenge for professionals. But, considering that productivity affects the quality and results of tasks, what is the secret to increasing professional performance?

Productivity To Improve Results

First of all, you must understand that being productive does not mean working more, but working better. Perform the same number of tasks in a more balanced, organized, and less time? Yes, that’s exactly!

Maintaining the balance between quantity and quality produced is essential to improve results. But it is not always easy to keep productivity at desired levels. The market is increasingly competitive, and companies are looking for flexible professionals capable of responding quickly to various requests. In addition, there is a personal life and social life, which must be combined with professional life.

All of this can cause distractions that affect productivity at work. However, one thing is sure: the productivity of companies begins with the productivity of each employee!

Tips To Increase Productivity

Define A Task Plan

Defining a task plan is essential to organize the workday. It begins by identifying the tasks to be carried out and explaining the schedules for each one. This planning will help you be more organized, avoiding delays and preliminary charges.

To achieve the proposed objectives, it is essential to define the task plan according to the level of priority and the complexity of each one. The most demanding tasks should be done in more productive periods, such as during the morning.

Take Breaks

Working eight hours straight does not mean that productivity is higher. On the contrary, taking breaks is essential to avoid mental fatigue.

For this reason, specialists recommend taking short 5-minute breaks between tasks to have a coffee, stretch your legs or take a look at the Facebook news feed. This helps to relax and stay motivated for the following lessons.

Avoid Multitasking

You can perform various tasks simultaneously, and it is ideal for saving time. However, some studies indicate that multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%. This is because making mistakes is more excellent when performing several tasks simultaneously.

Therefore, you should try to stay focused on a single task. As a well-known saying goes, “the one who runs the most does not go further.” Is it not like that?

Technology In Favour

What is productivity at work if it does not reduce the time allocated to each task? With the advancement of technology, online software is the perfect ally to optimize processes and increase productivity.

Simple tasks such as creating notes, sharing files or even automating processes through software are essential to save time and stay focused on other tasks. In addition, online software allows access to information anytime and from anywhere.

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