Do The Ads Haunt You? We Explain What Remarketing Is


The concept that concerns us today, remarketing, you have found it hundreds of times on the internet while browsing. It is a very clear marketing strategy and one that certainly has numerous benefits for your business. We are going to see precisely what remarketing is , how it works and why you should invest in it in your advertising campaign.

Remarketing has become one of the most used strategies in digital marketing. Numbers and statistics rule and the truth is that this strategy is very efficient both to increase your visitor traffic and your sales in the short and long term.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online marketing strategy that allows your business to show ads to users who have previously visited your website. This is achieved by using cookies or similar identifiers to track visitors and then show them relevant ads from your page as they browse the internet.

Yes, exactly, remarketing are all those ads that appear while you browse and that belong to web pages that you have just visited or that are similar to the last searches you have carried out on Google. A very effective technique both to increase sales and to attract and retain customers.

What Is It For?

Once we know what remarketing is, it is time to know what it is for and what are the main objectives of this strategy.

Basically, the purpose of this strategy is to remind potential customers of the products and services of a company for which they have previously been interested. The idea is to try to motivate them to return to the website to make a purchase or a conversion. It is, therefore, an effective way to increase sales and improve marketing efficiency, since it allows you to focus all your efforts on people who have already shown interest in your business.

In addition, remarketing is also used to personalize the user experience by displaying relevant ads based on the products and services you have previously viewed or visited. This helps improve the conversion rate so that the customer gets a more personalized shopping experience.

How Does Remarketing Work?

The operation of remarketing is very simple if we take into account that Google will always show you those sites related to ads as the first results of a search. When you click on one of them and open it, your device stores cookies that Google detects. It is simply a way of telling the search engine that you are interested in that product or, at least, that you are curious about it.

The same happens if you visit a web page and show interest in any of its products and services. The next time you browse the internet, ads related to these products and services you were interested in last time will appear. It is, therefore, the easiest way to explain what remarketing is and how it works.

Why Invest In Remarketing?

In view of all this, the question you should ask yourself is whether it is necessary for your business to invest in a remarketing campaign. And the answer is resounding: yes.

This strategy will allow you to more efficiently reach those people who have been interested in your products and services. By showing your business ads again , you’ll have a better chance of them making a purchase or visiting your website again.

In addition, remarketing will help your business increase its reach and improve return on investment (ROI). A great way to keep potential customers interested and reconnect them with your business. In short, an ideal tool to increase sales and improve the efficiency of Internet advertising.

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