How To Make Your iPhone The Perfect Travel Companion

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If you’re planning a big adventure tour of the world, you’ll want to make sure you pack all the essentials, including electrical gadgets. If you own an iPhone, there are a few things you should do before traveling abroad to keep yourself safe, connected, and relaxed.

If you travel abroad, e.g. B. to a nice vacation spot, the iPhone is a useful communication tool that helps you to create beautiful memories and to stay in touch with your loved ones. Also, you’re in a completely unfamiliar place, and your phone is your guide, helping you locate points of interest and search for local hotels, restaurants, and cafes. So, the iPhone makes your journey less stressful.

Top 5 Ways To Use Your iPhone While Traveling

If you are planning a vacation or a trip abroad, you will probably take your phone with you. Your iPhone, while extremely useful, requires preparation, just like you do. Here are our top six suggestions on how to prepare your iPhone for international travel.

Get A Travel eSIM Data Plan

The eSIM or embedded SIM card is a small chip in your phone that eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and saves you the hassle of swapping them out. Because the information on an eSIM card is rewritable, you can quickly switch carriers with a phone call.

You can get local data at local costs right from your phone. Another advantage of the travel eSIM is that you can buy a data package in advance and only activate it when you arrive at your location. While it doesn’t give you a local number (you’ll need a dual SIM or one of the above apps for texting or calling), you do get a full-featured phone that allows you to avoid expensive data roaming packages.

Buy An eSIM At The Airport

If you own a smartphone that supports eSIM, like an iPhone, all you need to do is download your eSIM. Prepaid eSIMs also eliminate the need to carry a real SIM card with you. Since you can access your account information and service plans online, it can come in handy if your phone is lost or destroyed. Prepaid eSIMs can also be used in countries without a traditional SIM card infrastructure.

There are also Internet providers for travel eSIM variants with great tariffs at a low price. Instead of getting a travel eSIM at the last minute at the airport and risking not getting one, you can also order cheap and good tariffs on the Internet. There are providers for this, such as Holafly, who offer very good tariffs at a low price. These tariffs can be easily booked on their website, so that you have everything taken care of before you start your journey and can start your well-deserved holiday with a clear head.

Rent A Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi is a portable device, often referred to as an internet dongle, that connects any Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet via a smartphone network. There is no need for installation, cables or software. Just turn on the Pocket Wi-Fi, enter the password and connect your own devices.

Use Public WiFi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are available in airports, restaurants and other public areas, and their biggest advantage is that they are free. However, since public Wi-Fi is accessible to everyone, there can be security risks. So make sure your device is up to date.

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