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Although it is true, today we see ourselves in need of document management software, and while we know more about its importance, we also frequently find ourselves with certain myths that have been established, and that are not true.

The 4 Most Common Myths About Document Management

  • ECM Software is expensive.
  • A Document Manager (ECM) will help me only in the digitization of documents.
  • It is a complicated software for the user (unfriendly).
  • I have very old staff who do not want to change or incorporate new software.

In this article we are going to see that they are not true or, at least, they are not true at all.

ECM Software Is Expensive

It would be necessary to quantify, first of all, what is expensive for a company. But even if, once quantified, it seems expensive, it would be necessary to calculate what return on investment such Software has.

More than once we have come across companies that have told us that the budget was high.

Faced with this statement, we always carry out a cost study and an ROI study, so that we can make the client see that there is a return on investment almost immediately.

Therefore, an expensive ECM Software cannot be considered without calculating the benefits it will bring to the company.

An ECM Will Help Me In The Digitalization Of Documents

It is one of the great myths and lies of document management.

It is true that an ECM Software helps, and a lot, in the digitization of documents, and in the digitization process of a company.

But where an ECM Software contributes the most, without a doubt, is in the search for documents and their traceability.

Therefore, we can say that an ECM is going to help us more post-uploading the document, that is, in the management than in the upload itself.

It Is A Complicated Software For The User

Radically false in the case of software distributed from RICSoft.

Docuware is a so-called “user friendly” software, which helps the user in the daily life without having to do extensive training.

We offer to be able to make a demonstration , of course, to any company that might be interested, to demonstrate what we say.

I Have Very Old Staff Who Do Not Want To Change

We link this point to the previous one. Bearing in mind that the Software we distribute isĀ  “user friendly” , when some of these people see it, and see everything it can contribute to their day-to-day life, they change their minds.

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