What Do Digitization Projects Consist Of?

Digitization Projects

Why Should I Start A Digitization Project?

The digitization of documents involves transferring physical documentation to digital format. There are many companies that store a large amount of documentation that takes up too much space and is difficult to consult.

Although this process can be laborious, once completed it can provide a competitive advantage by making the information accessible.

But what should be considered before digitizing documents?
What real advantages does this process bring?

Is It Relevant To Digitize Documents?

Due to the advancement of technology, not having documents in digital format can be a great waste of time and money.

It is true that the daily activity of the company and the pace of work can cause this task to be postponed year after year, although the project can progress in parallel between the historical scan and the daily scan until its total convergence.

Making this project a priority can mean a change in your company’s information management.

This would reduce the waiting times between the request for the archived documentation and its subsequent consultation.

For Example

Imagine a company with the administration and accounting departments full of file cabinets full of documentation in paper format, commercials with endless papers of proposals, offers, mails back and forth with customers and even more importantly with potential ones.

It is true that companies currently have an ERP management system and more than likely a third-party CRM system that contains all this information.

On certain occasions it will be necessary to consult said information, in this case, having the information digitized and subsequently organized can be a great advantage that implies providing a faster response to customers or generating more complete reports that will lead us to make correct decisions in time. appropriate.

In addition to saving space, the fundamental reason would be to be able to have the information much faster and improve the efficiency of your company.

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