Five Technology Trends That Will Drive Hybrid Work In The Coming Year

Hybrid Work

Over the past couple of years, many companies have embraced remote work by adopting cloud communications, collaboration, and other services. Currently, they are changing to more mature approaches based on hybrid modalities that combine face-to-face work with telework. In 2022 the labor landscape will continue to evolve and will have an impact on the technology industry.

Rise Of Edge Computing And Smart Glasses

The latest forecasts published by IBM indicate that 91% of companies will implement edge computing systems in the next five years. In industries such as manufacturing, these technologies will become very common. In addition, there will be a significant expansion in the use of augmented reality (AR) glasses for fieldwork in places where there is no access to Wi-Fi networks.

Although the current problem that this technology presents in sectors with the potential to establish itself, these devices must understand a large amount of data about the environment and react in real-time. This is difficult to achieve if data has to be constantly sent out of the device and would make it difficult to use in industries such as healthcare, where the rapid response can be vital.

Ensuring Hybrid Environments

The work landscape has changed, and the new hybrid environments require new security considerations since data constantly travels between companies and locations in mobility, something that becomes more relevant with the advancement of technologies such as IoT.

AI At The Edge To Improve The Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is coming to edge computing environments, providing organizations with advanced endpoint capabilities. This year AI technologies at the edge will become more accessible for applications such as remote assistance or monitoring of assembly lines, among others. And experts believe that as consumers make more purchasing decisions online, Edge AI-based analytics will become more prevalent among businesses, enabling them to gain real-time insights for business decision-making.

Drone-Based Logistics

Beyond hybrid work environments, this report includes a trend that is gaining ground thanks to very recent innovative projects, which are advancing cargo delivery services using drones. It is an example of how companies are looking for new solutions through technologies such as robotics and automation. It is expected that in 2022 these types of initiatives will continue to gain presence in different countries, including Spain, where they have already been created. The first drone delivery services.

The Market For Recycled Laptops Is Growing

Lastly, the need for hybrid working capabilities has pushed laptop sales beyond what could have been anticipated before the health crisis, to the point where there has been a significant shortage during certain phases. As a result, many businesses and consumers have turned to the second-hand market due to scarcity and growing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of technology consumption. From 2022 many will be forced to change their strategy to meet environmental goals, and a rebound in the second-hand laptop market is expected.

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