Five Tips For Stress-Free Telecommuting


Get Organized

To work efficiently, dedicate a room or place that will be your office during your telecommuting period. A fixed place where you will group your computer, tablet, files, notebooks, etc. A pleasant and well-lit place. Make sure you enjoy a minimum of calm.

Working from home also requires setting schedules. As if you were going to the office, even if you let go of the pressure a little. Get up, get dressed and start the workday as if you were going to the office. Without distraction, you could work faster (and have a shorter day).

Take Breaks

At the office, you take breaks. Take breaks at home too. Take the opportunity to:

  • Have a hot drink
  • Take a few steps or exercise
  • Read the news or take a tour on social networks

In the office, avoid spending your time on chats or social media. The job won’t just happen!

Stay Focused

To stay focused, there’s nothing like a bit of music. Put on a helmet if there are too many people around you and remind those around you that you are working.

Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music offer many playlists to stay focused on, and orange has selected five playlists to focus on. And to find the ideal radio according to your mood, you can download the Orange Radio app.

Communicate Effectively

Apart from email, three applications will be beneficial for communicating with your colleagues.

  • Slack for collaborative work and project management. Free and accessible on PC or Mac, Android, and Iphone.
  • Zoom to organize video conferences very simply.
  • Google Docs to collaborate and work on shared documents.

Have A Reliable Connection

To be truly productive, you’ll need a fast, unlimited connection. Orange’s technical teams work tirelessly to control the level of network traffic and ensure trouble-free communication.

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