The Future Of Chatbots: Robots That Need To Talk


Chatbots are on everyone’s lips and are considered one of the “next big things” of all – the topic is older than you think. Because the idea has existed for 50 years and concrete work on chatbots has been going on for just as long. What many associate with Siri, Cortana and Co is increasingly turning into an all-round messenger.

„Hi, Robot!“

So-called chatbots can take over standardized communication processes completely independently. But that’s not all, the range of functions is much larger. The main difference between the new chatbots and conventional language assistants is their extended connectivity options, in which the program writes its own software within milliseconds and develops a solution. In this way, the software can answer even tricky questions and complete complex tasks.

Robots That Need To Talk

Unlike Siri and Co, they can not only answer questions and do research, but they are also able to learn from previous inquiries. This enables them to constantly expand their proposed solutions. Furthermore, they can communicate with a wide variety of end devices – such as printers, computers, televisions, loudspeakers or lighting or other household appliances.

The current survey by the Bitkom industry association shows that a quarter of German professionals are already open to chatbots. Above all, aspects such as scheduling, web research and travel planning – including hotel booking and routing – are mentioned as advantages.

Increase Customer Benefit Effectively

Experts assume that chatbots will conquer everyday digital life in the coming years. Whenever it comes to making life more pleasant for customers, chatbots will also prevail. Time can be saved, no matter in which area. If online shopping can be halved by a corresponding chatbot, many customers will certainly use it.

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