Slow Mobile

Sooner or later, it happens, the mobile starts to slow down, it thinks about it when you open an application, it gets too hot, and it ignores it. And there are few things more frustrating than a slow mobile.

But do not worry, because, with these tricks, we will help you so that your mobile, which is now slow, looks new and you do not have to buy another one. We can’t promise miracles, but some “tricks” that work.

And, as always, everything is very simple.

Use Lite And Progressive Apps

Sometimes actually, it’s not the phone but the apps.

Most of the most used applications are also very demanding on resources and make the mobile slow. And yes, we are talking about apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, among others.

Instead of using the official applications, use other lighter lite versions to fix it.

For Facebook, you have your own official Facebook Lite application. It takes up much less space, runs faster, and does not require the huge resources of a traditional application.

For Instagram, you also have a much lighter lite application, but this is not available in our country. However, you don’t have to resign yourself. For that, you can use the web directly, which is very simple:

Open your mobile browser and go to the Instagram page. You will likely see a message underneath that says: «Add Instagram to the home screen.» 

Clear The Cache Often

One of the reasons for having a slow mobile is that the storage fills up. Therefore, it is a good habit to clear the cache. The useless and temporary files accumulate when you browse and use applications.

Some apps do it for you, but of course, they also take up space, and some make you have a slower mobile instead of speeding it up. Therefore, it is best to do it manually.

It is very simple, and you have to follow the instructions that we already gave you to clear the cache on your mobile.

Uninstall Everything You Don’t Use

It happens to us too, we have a lot of applications that we have installed, and we hardly use them. It is important to free up space by uninstalling them.

Take a good look at which ones you haven’t used in the last month, and keep in mind that you can always reinstall them in a few minutes if you need them.

Don’t Use Too Many Widgets On The Screen

If you have many widgets, with WhatsApp messages, the calendar, and others, you should know that they consume resources.

If you have a slow mobile, the idea is to leave only strictly necessary ones.

Reboot From Time To Time

We restart the mobile less than we should. The mobile is a small computer and, as you know, many problems are solved by turning it off and on.

Do the same with your mobile. You will clear the cache, processes taking up resources will end, and you will also give a slow mobile phone a break and a boost.

The drastic option for a mobile that is too slow is to go further and do a factory reset. This leaves the phone as you received it when you bought it, but of course, you will have to install everything you need again, although it may be a good time to start from scratch.

As you can see, you do not have to throw away or change a slow mobile. These five tricks work, and they are very easy.

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